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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #77


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Steve Kang

data archival, upload

It would be great to run a local version of the project warehouse (my projects only) on-site with nightly (or weekly, monthly) automatic pushes to the main project warehouse that can be done during off hours. This would provide a local data archive as well.

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  1. Rodney Porter

    The PEN tool promises to provide most of this fuctionality without the overhead of running a local Oracle Database ($$$). Scripts to run off-hours uploads/updates would have to be written, though the framework (command line tools) for this is suppose to be available when the PEN tool is released.

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  2. Dawn Weisman

    Steve –

    Given your experience with PEN, please let us know if your wish is still needed.

    thanks, Dawn Weisman

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    1. Steve Kang

      PEN isn’t quite what I had in mind, but people have told me my wish is impossible in its current state. You may close this wish.

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