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Wish List - NEEShub: Wish #85


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Rajesh Thyagarajan

Click Submit should only post a comment to a ticket.

When we are answering (commenting) on a ticket .. Hitting Enter must not post the commnet but it must do so only when we click on “Submit” button.

Currently if we hit “Enter” any time the comment gets posted and this is not a good thing since we dont have any scope to verify our reply before it gets posted.

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  1. Stanislav Pejša

    Just the opposite. Users, including me, use enter key often – this is a common usability feature. In general it is expected that the enter key will commit an intended action. in this case submit a comment. I just did hit an enter an the comment was not submitted and got lost – that’s not acceptable

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  2. Dawn Weisman

    Thank you for contributing your wish to NEEShub. We value feedback from the community as a means to regularly improve NEEShub. All wishes are considered and prioritized by the Requirement Analysis and Assessment Subcommittee, which consists of members from the user community. The prioritized wishes are then aligned with the immediate and long-term NEES goals by the Cyberinfrastructure Release Committee so that a workable development plan for the next Release of NEEShub can be designed.

    Unfortunately the RAAS did not consider your wish to be a priority considering other NEEShub wishes.

    Dawn Weisman Director of NEEScomm IT

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