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86 Improve underlying Deletion for Project Warehouse data
Proposed by Dawn Weisman 0
0 Dislike Granted
444 Delete from Project Editor or PEN at higher levels
Proposed by Thomas Marullo 0
0 Dislike Granted
570 PEN - delete folders with files inside
Proposed by Enrique Villalobos 0
0 Dislike
490 Reorder Experiments and Trials in PEN/Project Warehouse
Proposed by Thomas Marullo 2
0 Dislike Granted
168 add "broader impacts" tab to project warehouse
Proposed by Sean Brophy 0
0 Dislike
170 reading citations from endnote file
Proposed by Thomas Hacker 0
0 Dislike
195 option to pass filename into title
Proposed by Stanislav Pejša 0
0 Dislike Granted
467 Facebook like Photo Editor for Project Explorer and/or PEN
Proposed by Thomas Marullo 0
0 Dislike Granted
578 PEN tool: Object/folder Info in a text file
Proposed by Arpit Nema 0
0 Like 0 Dislike
579 Download complete folder structure of a Project with PEN onto local system
Proposed by Thomas Marullo 0
0 Like 0 Dislike
396 Copy specimens as well as their materials and components between Experiments
Proposed by Jeramy C Ashlock 0
0 Like 0 Dislike Granted
56 Data > Photos Tab
Proposed by Kari Klaboe 0
0 Like 2 Dislike Rejected
77 data archival, upload
Proposed by Steve Kang 0
0 Like 1 Dislike Rejected