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NEES 2nd Annual Meeting

NEEShub Project Warehouse: Data Updates - June      NEES 2nd Annual Meeting: - May 20-21, 2004 - San Diego, California 


San Diego, California - May 20-21, 2004

Community Workshop on Computational Simulation and Visualization Environment for NEES Lawrence, Kansas - December 1-2, 2003

The Second Annual Meeting of the NEES Consortium was held May 19-22, 2004 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel on beautiful Mission Bay in San Diego, California. The meeting was attended by 147 people.

Meeting Highlights

  • Talks by NSF Programs Managers on NEES Research Funding Opportunities
  • Updates on the NEES Equipment Sites
  • Experiences of Early Research Usage of Equipment Sites
  • Building Bridges Between NEES and the Geoscience Community
  • Meeting of the Consortium's Committees: Education & Outreach, Information Technology, Site Operations, Data Sharing & Archiving, and Finance
  • Live Wireless Polling of Members' Opinions
  • Beachfront Reception sponsored by MTS Systems Corp.
  • Demonstrations of NEW NEES IT capabilities
  • Field Trip to UC San Diego's Shake Equipment Site (The largest shake table in the United States).

Annual Meeting Program Details and Pesentations

WEDNESDAY - MAY 19, 2004
6:00-8:00 pm

Hosted reception with hoes d'oeuvres, sponsored by MTS Systems Corp. PI's of the Equipment Sites and the SI projects were available to discuss usage of NEES with potential researchers.

THURSDAY - MAY 20, 2004
7:15-8:15 am

Continental Breakfast & Meeting check-in


Opening of Meeting and Agenda Overview: Ian Buckle, President NEES Consortium


Welcome by NEES Consortium, Inc. Executive Director: Cliff Roblee


Welcome from NSF: Joy Pauschke, NSF NEES Program Director


The Shared Cyberinfrastructure Program: Sangtae Kim, Director, Division of Shared Cyberinfrastructure, Directorate of Computer and Information Science and Engineering, NSF


NEES Research Solicitations: Steven McCabe, NEESR Program Manager, NSF

NIED E-Defense: Toru Hayama, Executive Director, National Research Institute of Earth Science and Disaster Prevention



NEES Equipment Site "Travelogue," Part I: Shake Tables (UB-SUNY, U. of Nevada-Reno, UCSD); Mobile and Field (BYU/UCSB, UCLA, U. of Texas - Austin [see lunch speaker below.])

noon-1:30 pm

Lunch: Speaker, Kenneth Stokoe, University of Texas at Austin


NEES Committee Updates and Live Wireless Polling of Members: Andrew Neitlich
-- Education, Outreach, and Training: Thalia Anagnos, Chair
-- Finance: Craig Comartin, Chair
-- Data Sharing and Archiving: Andrei Reinhorn, Chair
-- IT: Cherri Pancake, Chair
-- Site Operations: Roberto Leon, Chair




NEES Committee Meetings


Guest Speaker: Luis Esteva, President, International Assoc. for Earthquake Engineering

FRIDAY - MAY 21, 2004
7:30-8:00 am

Continental Breakfest


NEES Equipment Site "Travelogue," Part II: Tsunami (OSU); Large-Scale Structures (U. Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Lehigh, U. Minnesota, UC-Berkeley, U. Colorado - Boulder); Large-Scale Lifelines and Geotechnical (Cornell); Centrifuges (RPI, UC-Davis)


Early Research Usage of NEES Equipment Sites
-- Cathy French
-- Roberto Leon
-- John Wallace
-- Sharon Wood


Break (w/ group photo)


Committee Reports
-- Education, Outreach, and Training: Thalia Anagnos, Chair
-- Data Sharing and Archiving: Andrei Reinhorn, Chair
-- IT: Cherri Pancake, Chair
-- Site Operations: Roberto Leon, Chair

11:45-1:15 pm

Lunch: Speaker, James Malley, President of SEAOC and Principal Engineer with Degenkolb Engineers
-- Keiichi Ohtani, NIED E-Defense Update


Community Input: Andrew Neitlich
Discussion and live wireless polling of the audience: Prioritization of NEES Consortium membership services, reactions to the first round of NEESR Solicitations/proposals, evaluation of this annual meeting, preferences for future meetings


Demonstration of New NEES IT Capabilities
-- Bill Spencer, System Integration Project
-- Tarek Abdoun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute




Building Bridges Between NEES and the Geoscience Community
-- Chaitan Baru, SDSC and GEON
-- Thomas Jordan, SCEC
-- William Leith, USGS and ANSS
-- David Simpson, IRIS and EarthScope


Closing: Ian Buckle, NEES Consortium, President

SATURDAY - MAY 22, 2004
8:30 am

Depart hotel for field trip to UC San Diego Equipment Site