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Monthly Newsletter that provides an update on the various activities at NEEScomm and NEES facilities. In this month's update, you will find information about the upcoming annual meeting and important NEEShub updates.  Learn about a unique opportunity to participate in NEEShub Boot Camp sessions while you attend the meeting in Boston.


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Month: April Date: 05/15/2012
Newsletter Header

In this month's update, you will find information about the upcoming annual meeting and important NEEShub updates.  Learn about a unique opportunity to participate in NEEShub Boot Camp sessions while you attend the meeting in Boston. 

Featured Items

Quake Summit 2012

Registration is open!  See below for important dates.


NEEShub Updates

Release 4.0 is coming soon.  Features are listed below.


Tools Review on NEEShub

Did you know you could rate tools on NEEShub?

NEES@UCSD in National News

5-story full-scale structure gaining national attention

Latest News
Quake Summit 2012
It’s time to register!  The NEES Annual meeting (Quake Summit 2012) will be held July 10-12 collocated with the CMMI Grantee Conference July 8-11 in Boston, MA. Quake Summit 2012 will feature nearly 100 technical oral presentations on Wednesday July 11 and Thursday July 12 by members of the academic and practicing communities. A poster session will be held on July 11 as well as four NEEShub Boot Camp sessions.  Program Director Joy Pauschke and Greg Fenves, Dean Cockrell School of Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, will both present in the opening plenary sessions.

We also encourage you to attend and participate at the NEES committee meetings on July 10, 2012. The committee meetings scheduled include Site Managers Forum, the PAC committee, IT Managers, Simulation Steering Committee, RAAS Subcommittee, Equipment Site Forum, EOT Subcommittee, Site Operations, Cyber Infrastructure Subcommittee, Users Forum, Data & Curation Subcommittee, and the newly formed IT Manager forum.   Preactivities include the EOT meetings July 8-9, 2012.  See the website for complete details and information.

Important Dates
•    Registration closes: June 15th, 2012 at 5:00 pm
•    Hotel reservations deadline (as part of the NEES/CMMI block): June 18th, 2012
•    Presentations due: June 27th, 2012 at 5:00 pm
NEEShub Update
Release 4.0
NEEScomm IT has been hard at work on NEEShub Release 4, scheduled for June 13.  Many of the enhancements in this release are intended to make the system more useful to the NEES community and beyond.

Some highlights of the release are provided below with more details available on the release date.

•    Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) at the Experiment level – DOIs are unique character strings used to identify electronic data, files, or documents. With Release 4, a DOI will be assigned to each curated experiment in the Project Warehouse.  This has a potentially great impact on the NEES community because the DOI enhancement will establish research data sets as citable resources.  DOIs will allow the collection of reliable metrics describing the use of research data similar to the current practice of tracking usage of general articles.  DOIs also provide a way to give proper credit to the researcher and demonstrate the researcher's contribution to the community.

•    Search improvements – the NEEShub Project Warehouse Basic and Advanced Search capabilities will be streamlined down to one Google-like Search. The Search results will also be changed to return information at the experiment level along with associated experiment information.

•    Redesign of the NEEShub Home Page – The NEEShub home page will go through a redesign based on community feedback and preliminary results of a recent NEEShub Usability Study. The home page will have most of the current features but should have a less ‘cluttered’ feel. Other pages within the site will have minor cosmetic modifications as well in order to be consistent with the home page redesign.

Boot Camp Sessions in Boston
Quake Summit 2012, the NEES Annual Meeting, is right around the corner.  This year, we are looking forward to continue supporting the growing NEES user community by offering four NEEShub Boot Camp sessions on July 11, as described below.  These sessions are particularly well-suited for graduate students involved with NEES research.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptop computers and participate in hands-on exercises at each session.

To register, go to

Session #1 | Introduction to NEEShub Project Warehouse and Databases
This NEEShub Boot Camp session will introduce the basic NEEShub features that facilitate research. It will also provide an introduction to Data Management guidelines and to the new Databases resource. The Data Management presentation will specifically focus on the NEEShub Project Warehouse. Topics to be covered will include recommended file formats, necessary metadata, and organization of data files. Additionally, upload/storage of final reports and publications into the NEES Project Warehouse and copyright issues will be discussed.

Session #2 | Data Upload and Visualization in the NEEShub
The NEEShub Boot Camp session will feature hands-on exercises designed to help familiarize new users with the tools that are most commonly used for uploading data to and for visualizing data on the NEEShub. These tools include the Project Editor, Project Explorer for NEES (PEN), the interactive Display for Earthquake Engineering Data (inDEED), and the inDEED Authoring tool.

Session #3a | Real-time Data Viewing with RDV
Real-Time Data Viewer (RDV) is a software tool available on the NEEShub for viewing and analyzing live or archived data. Supported data sources include voltage sensors, strain gages, video, still images, and data created by 3-dimensional measurement systems.  The viewer can queue up input from all of these different sources and provide time-synchronized display or replay.  This workshop will provide an introduction to the RDV software features and operational steps for using archived test data from a past project conducted at the MAST Laboratory (University of Minnesota).  

Session #3b | Computational Simulation on the NEEShub
The NEEShub cyberinfrastructure provides powerful computational capabilities for simulation of engineering systems.  These capabilities include running computational models on the NEEShub, submitting models to high performance computing environments, and sharing simulation models with the rest of the community.  This hands-on cyber simulation workshop will help you explore the different methods to run simulations on the NEEShub.
NEEShub Tool Reviews

Did you know that NEEShub has a feature similar to If you’ve bought an item from Amazon, you’ve probably scanned the review information to understand the item’s quality based on community feedback.

NEEShub has a comparable feature for tools. However, before that feature can be useful, people like you need to enter reviews. Each of the tools has a self-explanatory Reviews tab for entering a new review.


Along the same lines, there is also a method for sorting tools by their ratings from the middle pane of the Tools trifold. This method is only useful if multiple tool reviews have been entered. Please contribute to the NEES community by taking a few seconds to enter a tool review today!

Tools 2


NEES@UCSD Makes National News
The current project on the outdoor shake table at the NEES@UCSD facility has been gaining national attention and rightfully so.  The “5-Story Full-Scale Structural And Nonstructural Building System Performance During Earthquakes and Post-Earthquake Fire” research conducted by PI Tara Hutchinson and CO-PI Jose Restrepo also from UCSD is nearing its completion.  The landmark project has big networks engaged, including CBS, NBC, and ABC news.   With their final seismic motion in the fixed base configuration completed this week, the NEES community will eagerly be waiting for the preliminary results and data results of this extraordinary project.  


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