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Major Shake Table Test of a Curved-Bridge at UNR



NEES@UNR will be webcasting the shaking of the second model configuration in the curved-bridge project.  The 2/5 scale, 145-ft long, 3-span bridge has a radius of 80 ft at the centerline and rests on all four shake tables.  The superstructure consists of three steel girders and a concrete deck that is 12 ft wide.  Among unique features of this bridge configuration is the six F250 pick-up trucks on its deck.  

  • Low level testing; 10%, 20% and 50% Design Earthquake (DE) was completed on Tuesday (9/13).
  • Mid level testing; 75%, 100% and 150% DE will begin at 10:00am (PDT) on Wednesday (9/14).
  • High level testing; 200%, 250% and 300% DE will start at 10:00am (PDT) on Thursday (9/15).

For the webcast link and more information about the project, please visit project website at  


Data and video will also be streamed and can be accessed through RDV.

  • Click on the link to view the FlexTPS Telepresence
  • Note that this link is always active and has multiple camera angles, but has no audio. Axis active-x Control will be downloaded automatically, and java is required for Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the link to start the Live Web Cast
  • Note that this link will not work until the time of transmission, has a 27 sec. delay, and will contain any commentary from the PI.