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Monthly Newsletter that provides an update on the various activities at NEEScomm and NEES facilities.

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Month: February Date:03/15/2012
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In the News | Sunday, March 11, 2012, the one-year anniversary of the devastating 9.0 (Mw) Tohuku earthquake, reminds us all of the value of the tsunami and earthquake research currently being done by NEES.  For example, in reducing the impact from tsunamis on society, NEES at Oregon State University is home to one of the largest and most sophisticated wave basins in the world.  Researchers use the unique facility for the study of earthquake and landslide generated tsunami waves and their impact on nearshore and coastal environments.  NEES@OSU recently talked with their local news KATU about the importance of tsunami research and demonstrated a recent test to simulate whirlpools similar to the vortexes formed by the March 11 tsunami.  The research will allow them to learn how the whirlpools move and how long they last.  To view the full news features, click here or visit our YouTube Channel, NEESIT.

Above: Photo taken from footage capturing one of the many vortexes created by the March 2011 tsunami. 


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Contribution Winners

NEEShub Contribution Competition winners announced below.  Congratulations!


Equipment Site Scheduling

Updates to the Equipment Site Scheduling Protocol provided here.


NEEShub Update and Boot Camp

Read about NEEShub Release 4.0 and Boot Camp Details for April.


Upcoming NEES Events

Mark your calendar and save those dates!   See below for conference details.


Latest News
NEEShub Contribution Winners


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the NEEShub Contribution Competition and take this opportunity to share with you the winners.

Category Winners

  • Computational Models:  Amin Maghareh, Purdue University, Evaluation of 9-Story Benchmark Building Shear Model.  
  • Historical Documents:  Matthew J. Barnes, Purdue University, 6 Story Test Structure Dimensions
  • Learning Objects:  Craig Bryant Collins, SDOF System: Obtaining the Frequency Response Function
  • Publications:  Brian McFall, Oregon State University, Tsunami Generation by 3D Deformable Granular Landslides
  • Tools:  Frank McKenna, University of California-Berkeley, OpenSees Developer
  • Multi-Media and News & Highlights:  Brian McFall, Oregon State University, Landslide Tsunami Generator 3
Winners and their contributions will be highlighted on NEEShub and at the Quake Summit 2012 this summer in Boston.  Watch for more details and a link to their highlights.  Winners will be contacted next week with further instructions on how to register for the annual meeting with the waived registration fee.

Our community's contributions are important and we encourage all members to keep contributing.  With the success of this first competition, we are already planning for future competitions.

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Equipment Site Scheduling Protocol Update


An interim version of the Equipment Site Schedule Protocol was previously reported to our community in the September 2011 Community Update.  Since then, various groups reviewed the document and a final version has been developed.  Revisions between the Interim and final version includes the following items:
  • Added terms for scheduling a new project and revising an existing project schedule to separate the scenarios based upon "no impact," "impact current active projects," "impact the ability of 2014 completion," so that the Site Scheduling Committee (SSC) and DSO will act upon each scenario accordingly.
  • Added a grace period condition for schedule revisions.
  • Revised document to note that the SSC only reviews the schedule component of the ETP, not the entire ETP.
  • Established three subcommittees of the SSC:  Geotechnical Sites (Cornell, RPI, UC Davis, Texas, and UCSB), Shaker and Tsunami Sites (UCSD, UNR, UCLA, and OSU), and Structural Sites (Lehigh, Illinois, Minnesota, Berkeley, and Buffalo).  The site managers for the respective sites and a UF member will comprise these subcommittees.  The SSC will be made up of one representative of each subcommittee and the subcommittee UF member.  These changes were made to be able more quickly respond to scheduling issues and to provide a better balance between sites and users in committee representation.
  • Revised the role of the UF members, granting them voting status.
  • Added conflict resolution wording to handle the disputes.
  • Revisited terminology for active and tentative projects.
This document is now in effect for scheduling projects in the NEES network and is available for download on the Policies and Procedures page on NEEShub:

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NEEShub Update


Release 4.0 | Using the prioritized wishes received from the RAAS (Requirements Assessment and Analysis Subcommittee), the CRC (Cyberinfrastructure Release Committee) and NEEScomm IT worked together to determine wishes to be included in the next NEEShub release.  Release 4 is scheduled for the week of June 11, 2012.  Some highlights of the release include:
  1. Project Ratings,
  2. Search improvements,
  3. Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) at the Experiment level, and
  4. Curation Status Report and a redesign of the NEEShub Home Page.
More details on the highlighted functionality will be given in upcoming Community Updates.  Please stay tuned!

Boot Camp Webinars | NEEScomm IT hosted two NEEShub Boot Camp Webinars this past February.  Demonstrations of the data visualization capabilities available through the inDEED and Specimen Authoring Tools were presented to 42 participants.  Both webinars have been archived and available on NEEShub:  The NEEShub Boot Camp Webinars will take a brief hiatus for the month of March.   The April NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar will be 'Getting the Most from your NEEShub'.  It will examine how teams can benefit from Groups, demonstrate recent changes to My NEEShub, and summarize the latest in Simulation tools.  Stay tuned on NEEShub for future dates and details.

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Upcoming Events


Quake Summit | The NEES Annual meeting (Quake Summit 2012 ) will be held July 10-12 overlapping and collocated with the CMMI Grantee Conference July 8-11 in Boston, MA. Quake Summit 2012 will feature nearly 100 technical oral presentations on Wednesday July 11 and Thursday July 12 by members of the academic and practicing communities. A poster session will be held on July 11. We also encourage you to attend and participate at the NEES committee meetings on July 10, 2012. The committee meetings scheduled include Site Managers Forum, the PAC committee, IT Managers, Simulation Steering Committee, RAAS Subcommittee, Equipment Site Forum, EOT Subcommittee, Site Operations, Cyber Infrastructure Subcommittee, Users Forum, Data & Curation Subcommittee, and the newly formed IT Manager forum.   Registration will open mid-March. Special note - new this year is that online registration deadlines are firm and will be shut off June 15, 2012. Be sure and register!

EMI/PMC 2012 | The 2012 Joint Conference of the Engineering Mechanics Institute and the 11th ASCE Joint Specialty Conference on Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability is June 17-20 and hosted by the University of Notre Dame.  Watch for more details about how participants can compete in a NEEShub cyber simulation competition!  Conference and Registration information can be found online:

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