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NEES Community Update - March 2014

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Upcoming Events & Deadlines

April 15
Research-to-Practice Webinar: Lessons Learned from the Performance of a Base Isolated Hospital in Christchurch, NZ

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April 24 & 25
NEES Data Management and Upload Workshop, Davis, California

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May 12
Application deadline: EERI/FEMA Graduate Fellowship in Earthquake Hazard Reduction

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April 26 & 27
3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival, Washington DC

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July 21-25
10CEE meeting, Anchorage, Alaska

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Sept. 28 - Oct. 1
3rd Annual Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction

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Director's Letter


We are happy to announce the arrival of the NEEShub Release 6.0!

This ambitious software update will go live tomorrow, March 26. It is the largest NEEShub release to date, and it fulfills many user requests, in keeping with NEEScomm’s user-centric development approach. In other news, you will discover that a helpful primer on Hybrid Simulation will soon be available on the NEEShub.

NEES research continues to make the news. The NEES at Texas team recently reported on their work assessing ground improvements in Christchurch, NZ, and the story is now circulating in many online news outlets. The NEES EOT coordinators have finalized the 2014 cohort of REU students. Find out where they are working this summer.

Thank you!

Julio Ramirez
NEES Chief Officer and NEEScomm Center Director

NEEShub Release 6.0

The NEEScomm IT team is pleased to announce the NEEShub Release 6.0. The update will go live Wednesday, March 26.

Please bear with us as the site will be unavailable during the update from 7am-5pm (EST) on Wednesday, March 26. Any simulation runs on Kraken, Stampede, Carter and Hansen should be unaffected. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

This final software update under the current Cooperative Agreement between Purdue University and NSF is brimming with great enhancements requested by the user community. Release 6.0 represents:

  • More than 75 user wishes granted, with 46 for the Project Warehouse alone,
  • over 1700 code updates, and
  • more than 850 tickets closed.

Update highlights. Data curation status for each project now is available by site, and sites will now be able to indicate when equipment is being decommissioned. Users can launch tools directly from the Project Warehouse, not just inDEED, and all visitors now can see and sort the full list of NEES projects.

Each experiment now has metrics so each project owner can now get a better picture of the activity on their project by other users (anonymously, of course).

If you like what we have done please send us a note ( and let us know! And as always, the IT team is ready to quickly respond to any issues you might encounter while using the site so please submit a ticket if you have any problems.

Stay tuned for the upcoming full release notes from the IT Team.

NEES Data Management Workshop, April 24 & 25

The NEES Data Management Training and Data Upload Assistance workshop is a free, two-day session at the UC Davis facility.

NEEScomm data curator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will provide hands-on training and upload assistance to NEES researchers who have data to upload to the NEEShub repository.

Some travel assistance funding is available.

Please note: this is the last data-training workshop scheduled in 2014, the final year of the NEES Operations award.

The workshop takes place April 24 and Friday April 25. The registration deadline is April 11.

View the agenda and registration details on the NEEShub.

Hybrid Simulation (HS) Primer slated for March release

Newcomers to hybrid simulation testing methods soon will be able to download a copy of a new Hybrid Simulation Primer and Dictionary. Prepared by the NEES Hybrid Simulation Task Force (of the NEES Simulation Steering Committee) led by Professors Narutoshi Nakata and Shirley Dyke, the publication serves as an introduction to this cost-effective simulation technique.

The forthcoming volume covers the basic HS components, capabilities, and it outlines the typical procedures by which hybrid simulations are performed.

Because often there are multiple terms for describing a single concept, hybrid simulation terminology can be puzzling for new users. The primer's dictionary section clarifies terms and their synonyms.

The primer will be available on the NEEShub at the end of March 2014. Watch for the announcement from the NEES email list and social media channels.

The publication is authored by Narutoshi Nakata (chair), Shirley J. Dyke, Jian Zhang, Gilberto Mosqueda, Xiaoyun Shao, Hussam Mahmoud, Monique H Head, Michael Erwin Blezinger, Gemez A. Marshall, and Ge Ou


Registration for Quake Summit now open

Now's the time to make plans for attending the 2014 Quake Summit, July 21-25. The event takes place in Anchorage, Alaska in tandem with the 10NCEE meeting, in commemoration of the 9.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Prince William Sound in 1964, fifty years ago.

The program committee has developed an exciting agenda for the event, packed with nearly 800 presentations, tours of Alaska's fault-prone landscape such as the Turnagain Arm and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, and a relaxing evening at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Conference organizers urge attendees to make plans soon, as travel and accommodations become more expensive as the summer tourist season approaches. Register online, here.

Airfare discounts are available via United and Alaska Airlines. Be sure to check the logistics section of the 10NCEE website.


Expanded NEES @ Reno facility makes the news

The site team at NEES at University of Nevada, Reno recently moved their three, 27-ton shake tables into the newly expanded lab space, and news reporters were on hand to record the event.

The Reno Gazette-Journal interviewed NEES researcher Professor David Sanders, who explained that the larger facility would allow experiments to test even larger structures in a greater variety of configurations. Reporters also recorded a video interview with NEES site PI Ian Buckle, who called the new facility "an engineer's dream." The story was picked up by the Associated Press, who shared it with numerous online news organizations.

Watch NEES at Nevada site PI Ian Buckle explain why shake table simulations are important: Video link.

NEES @ Texas research: key to ground improvements in Christchurch, NZ

Employing the T-Rex mobile shaker, NEES at Texas researchers recently conducted a series of field trials in Christchurch, NZ, to test shallow-ground-improvement methods. Project PI Ken Stokoe explained that the goal of the research is to determine if and which improvement methods work best at inhibiting liquefaction triggering in the improved ground.

"The results are being analyzed, but good and poor performance can already be differentiated," Stokoe said. "The ground-improvement methods that inhibited liquefaction triggering the most were rapid impact compaction (RIC), rammed aggregate piers (RAP), and a double row of horizontal beams (DRB). However, additional analyses are still underway."

The team's findings were detailed in a research paper presented in December at the New Zealand – Japan Workshop on Soil Liquefaction during Recent large-Scale Earthquakes.

The story was picked up by ScienceDaily and the Science Recorder.

Read the FULL STORY on the NEEShub.

2014 NEES REU cohort selected

From a pool of 141 talented students, 26 NEES REU students have been selected for summer 2014. The final NEES cohort includes students from 22 universities in 14 states. Students will be placed at 8 NEES sites this summer: Buffalo, Illinois, Lehigh, Minnesota, Oregon State, UCLA, San Diego, and Reno, and will work on projects ranging from full-scale testing of a one-story building to developing enhancements for the Real-Time Date Viewer.

A highlight of the summer program will be attending the 10NCEE/Quake Summit conference in Alaska. Two 2013 NEES REU students, Karly Rager and Faith Silva, will be joining this year’s cohort at the 10NCEE to present their contributions to the NEES-Soft project last summer. Rager and Silva won the 2013 REU "Best Project" award.


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