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NEEScomm IT announces NEEShub Release 2.0

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NEEScomm IT announces NEEShub Release 2.0

The highlights of this release include Delete capability for the Project Editor and PEN (Project Explorer for NEES), select Windows tools now capable of running within the NEEShub, the new Databases resource/functionality, Search improvements for Project Warehouse, improvements for the Tri-Fold display, and Cybersecurity ticket enhancements. Please see below for additional details.

Delete functionality in Project Editor

The Project Editor now has the capability to delete a Project, to delete Experiments, Trials, Repetitions, or to delete individual data files. As part of a conservative delete approach, the delete capability was designed to work from the bottom up. An example of this is that a repetition must be deleted before its experiment can be deleted or all files within a directory must be deleted before the directory can be deleted. A confirmation window will be shown before any delete actually occurs. Additional guidelines for delete in the Project Editor can be found in the Project Editor Quick Start guide (

Delete functionality in PEN (Project Explorer for NEES)

PEN is a tool that was built upon SingleShot. It allows users to easily manage experimental data, descriptive metadata, and a large number and variety of data files associated with a project and with experiments in the Project Warehouse. PEN manages project data in the Project Warehouse as well as on the user’s local computer. PEN shows each file with a different color and icon to indicate if it is stored in the Project Warehouse, on the local machine, or both.

PEN now has delete capability. Because PEN manipulates files locally and in the Project Warehouse, PEN provides a local delete and a Warehouse delete.

Performance improvements have also been made to PEN, especially for large files (> 10M).

Users who run PEN from their local machine should re-download the latest version of PEN (1.2) form the main Tools page for PEN (

Windows Tools Running in NEEShub

A select number of Windows tools are now capable of running within NEEShub (ZEUS-NL, N3DV, and SAPwood). They are available from the Tools and Resources --> Tools option on the blue menu bar. This has been a very complex technical effort to implement in the NEEShub environment. The tools are currently available in a prototype mode meaning that file input/output and home directory access are not yet available. These features will be available in Release 3 or perhaps sooner.


Databases is a new feature within NEEShub. It is available from the Project Warehouse --> Databases option on the blue menu bar. It provides a collection of resources that were developed using Project Warehouse and external data. Each is a repository of data, vetted by professional communities, and connected to original sources. Collectively, they enable impactful data to be highlighted in many formats.

Search/Advanced Search in Project Warehouse

Performance improvements have been made for Searching data in the Project Warehouse. Additionally, on the Project Warehouse Search tab, an option for an Advanced Search has been added. Improvements have also been made to weight the search results so more pertinent searches appear first in the search results.

Tri-Fold improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the initial screen seen when any type of resource is selected (Tools, Learning Object, Databases, etc.) from the Tools and Resources menu option. Explanatory text is shown in the upper left portion of the screen, instructions for using the tri-fold are shown above the tri-fold, and a more visual right pane is presented.

Cybersecurity Ticketing changes

The drop down window to enter ticket information has been modified with link if a user is entering a Cybersecurity ticket. If this link is clicked, a special ticket entry window will appear with additional fields needed for a cybersecurity incident.