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NEEScomm IT announces NEEShub Release 2.5

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NEEScomm IT announces NEEShub Release 2.5

NEEScomm IT and NEEScomm EOT are excited to announce a minor release of NEEShub.  Details below outline the improved functionality available with Release 2.5.

1) Project Editor: Enhancements to Sensors (Wish #80)

Projects in the Project Warehouse now have the ability to store location plans, DAQ configurations, DAQ Channels, sensors, and calibrations. This data is updated by editing the experiment and clicking on the Sensors tab. Linkages for locations plans and sensors have been raised from trial level to experiment level. This enhancement is a first step in allowing tools to access sensor data without processing numerous files.

There is a modified file format for upload of sensor information. A template of the new format is available from the sensor download screen.

This enhancement should decrease the amount of work for uploading sensor data, because it only needs to be done once for the entire experiment, not per each trial under an experiment.

2) Project Editor: Enhancements to Specimens (Wish #118)

A Specimen can now be associated to an experiment instead of a project. To support complex test structures, a specimen can now have multiple components. Each component can consist of several materials and properties. Consider a four pier bridge. The bridge exists as the specimen, while each pier is a different component with various material properties. With this new feature, materials previously added to NEEShub have been moved to a default component called 'Component 1'. The default component name can be change by users with the proper edit permissions.

3) Project Editor: Auto-Contribute (Wish #69)

For publications already associated to a project, additional data fields can be populated. The purpose of the additional data fields is to be in compliance with Digital Object standards (Dublin Core) and to improve Search Results for publications. To access the new fields, edit the project, navigate to the project documentation folder, click edit for the file, and select a document type from the drop down box.

This same enhancement allows users to automatically contribute an uploaded file or publication as a NEEShub resource. Finally, users can associate authors/collaborators to a publication even if the authors/collaborators are not registered members of NEEShub.

In the near future, this same capability will be available when initially uploading files.

4) PEN 1.2.8 (Wish #271, 280)

Highlights of this PEN release are improved performance on the checksum speed, the checksum can now be used on any node, and users can report problems directly from PEN by using the Help menu option of 'Report Problem'. The full release notes for PEN can be found here. Note: Due to other changes in Release 2.5, PEN 1.2.8 must be downloaded to replace prior versions of PEN.

5) Web Services

Numerous changes have been made in support of the Enhancements to Sensors and the Enhancements to Specimens.

6) RDV Enhancements (Wish #211, 212, 244)

  • Wish 211 - The ability to change the font size in a tabular
  • Wish 212 - The ability to resize and position panels within the RDV panel
  • Wish 244 - Changed the take offsets button to a more appropriate size

7) Education, Outreach and Training - Tools and Resource Discovery

The NEES academy pages for Teachers have been updated to contain new dynamic and searchable customized lists of resources for easy resource discovery. Additionally, a new page specifically for users looking to search all highlighted EOT resources has been added to NEESacademy. This can be found in the “Learning and Outreach” menu, under “Search Learning Resources”

8) Education, Outreach and Training - Make your Own Earthquake Lesson Plans and Videos

Lesson plans and educational videos that demonstrate the use of shaketables in various classroom settings are now available in the Resources of Learning Objects and Multimedia. Topics covered include; construction of shake-tables, liquefaction, soil types and structure response to ground motion.

9) Wish List improvements (usability)

  • The wish list number is now visible from the main wish list screen.
  • When adding a new wish, the user can select urgency for the wish.
  • A Category field has been added to classify the functional area for the wish.
  • Additional filtering criteria have been added on the right side of the main wish list screen.
  • An Export to csv file capability has been added.

10) My NEEShub page: "My Projects" component added (Wish #198)

On the myNEEShub page, there is a Personalize link in the upper right corner. Clicking this link allows you to customize the components a user sees on the My NEEShub page. A new component for 'My Projects' has been added to provide quick access to any Project Warehouse projects to which the user has access.

11) Site-wide Search Improvements (usability study improvement)

The site wide search in the upper right corner of every screen now returns results including Projects from the Project Warehouse. The results can also be filtered to show just the Project Warehouse projects.

12) Accessibility page added (usability)

In the footer for each page there is a new link for 'Accessibility Issues'. Upon clicking this link, information is presented explaining the NEEShub accessibility philosophy. A contact form is also provided for any users having accessibility issues.

13) Automatic creation of Drop box (usability)

When a Project Group is created, the drop box is now automatically created. Previously, a manager of the Project Group had to manually create the drop box.

14) Workspace Tool: Zip/Unzip (Wish #96)

The zip and unzip utilities have been added to the workspace tool.