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NEEShub tools: OpenSees in the Clouds!

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OpenSees in the NEEShub

OpenSees is a software framework for developing applications to simulate the performance of structural and geotechnical systems subjected to earthquakes. The latest version of OpenSees, Version 2.2.2, is now available for execution on the NEEShub. Use of this powerful tool on the NEEShub is free and may offer significant advantages in terms of execution speed, especially when repetitive runs or large models are considered. OpenSees in the NEEShub is accompanied by related tools including BuildingTcl and OS Navigator.

OpenSees is available in the NEEShub through the OpenSeesLaboratory tool

Instructional materials are available on the use of OpenSees, including:

  1. NEES and PEER hosted a very successful OpenSeesDays 2010 in September. The presentations are available at
  2. Online voiced over presentations from OpenSeesDays 2010 are available on NEEShub at
  3. A YouTube video showing how to perform an OpenSees simulation is also available at

OpenSees binary files are also available for download from the OpenSees website at