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(NEES) Platform for Cyber Collaboration

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“(NEES) Platform for Cyber Collaboration,” a workshop on NEEShub usage, will be presented by NEES during the January 4, 2011 NSF Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI) meeting in Atlanta, GA. This premier National Science Foundation (NSF) conference, sponsored by the Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI), focuses on research and education across the Division's programs.The program for the conference will be centered on the theme Engineering for Sustainability and Prosperity, and will emphasize the role civil, mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineers will be required to play in addressing the world’s growing challenges of using energy and natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Conference activities will include more than 1,000 poster presentations; technical tours of local companies and Georgia Tech; and plenary and breakout sessions on funding opportunities and proposal writing, research needs, opportunities, and best practices. The conference also will provide an excellent opportunity for networking between NSF grantees, students, industry, and government, hopefully motivating them to become innovators in these areas in their future careers, and make a positive impact on society.

The “(NEES) Platform for Cyber Collaboration” workshop will feature presentations by Dr. Ellen Rathje, University of Texas, Austin; Dr. Santiago Pujol, Purdue University; and Dr. Michael J. McLennan, Purdue University.

Dr. Rathje will present “The ABCs” part of the workshop, which is intended to introduce researchers and educators to the NEEShub, and its features for data management, research collaboration, and educational resources. The NEEShub may be used by any researcher or educator and accounts are free.

Dr. Pujol will present the second part of the workshop, "Project Warehouse," which describes in more detail the NEES repository of data about earthquake engineering called The Project Warehouse. Web-based tools that can be used to visualize and understand the data in the repository are showcased.

Dr. McLennan will present the final part of the workshop, “Using and Contributing Tools.” This session will cover significant aspects of tools and other resources available in the NEEShub.

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For complete details about the conference, visit 2011 CMMI Grantee Conference.