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NEES Update: May 2011

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Julio Ramirez, Director of NEES Operations, provides the NEES community with an informal update of NEES activities.

NEES Update

May 2011




NEES and MCEER Team UP for Quake Summit 2011 – Joint Annual Meeting, June 9-11, 2011  Registration Deadline Approaching


The date for the Quake Summit 2011 - Earthquake & Multi-Hazards Resilience: Progress and Challenges, June 9-11, 2011 in Buffalo, NY is approaching fast! Do not forget to register at:

The NEEScomm EOT team is deeply involved in the last minute preparations for the annual meeting at Quake Summit 2011. These plans include a series of NEEShub Boot Camp sessions that will provide hands-on training and real-time technical assistance for researchers and graduate students. Please register, as the date is quickly approaching and hotel rooms are limited.
We can’t hold our block of rooms after May 20th, so make your reservations NOW.

Joint Meeting of Applied Technology Council and NEEScomm/Purdue University Representatives at NEEScomm Headquarters in West Lafayette, Indiana on April 29, 2011

The NEEScomm Center hosted the Board of Directors of the Applied Technology Council (ATC) for a half-day joint meeting on April 29, and the board’s full day meeting on April 30. Both meetings were held at the NEEScomm headquarters in the Hall for Discovery Learning Research of Purdue University Discovery Park. The focus of the joint meeting was for both organizations to learn more about each other’s programs and to investigate possible partnering opportunities. Both groups engaged in vigorous dialogue focused on exploring avenues for collaboration that would benefit both organizations. The discussion yielded two major areas of collaboration NEEShub and Technology Transfer.

ATC and NEEScomm agreed to continue the dialogue in preparation for the development of a Letter of Intent to collaborate that would help formalize/guide the future partnership.

ATC Executive Director Chris Rojahn addresses ATC Board of Directors, NEEScomm and Purdue Administration participating at the joint meeting

Dr. Stokoe explains the operations of T-Rex to a group of visitors from the SAGEEP conference.

NEES@UTexas, NEES@UCLA, NEES@RPI, NEES@UCDavis, and NEES@Buffalo hosted two NEES sessions at the 2011 Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Environmental and Engineering Problems (SAGEEP) at Charleston, SC on April 12th, 2011

A total of 11 research projects conducted at 6 NEES Equipment Sites were presented in two symposium sessions to demonstrate the capabilities of NEES facilities in the areas of site characterization, soil liquefaction, dynamic soil properties, and soil-structure-foundation interactions.

In collaboration with Clemson University, University of Arkansas, and S&ME, Inc., a proof-of-concept field liquefaction test was conducted as a special event of the SAGEEP conference on Monday April 11th, 2011. The field demonstration was located at the Clemson Coastal Research & Education Center 5 miles west of the conference venue. Four buses were employed to transport 4 groups of conference participants to the site. The test showcased the benefits of using T-Rex in studying the age effect on soil resistance to liquefaction. This event was a hot topic at the conference.

Information Technology Updates

Release 2.5 and Release 3.0

The Cyberinfrastructure Release Committee (CRC) elected to renumber the upcoming NEEShub release from 3.0 to 2.5 due to the nature of the release. Improvements to Sensors and Specimens are still planned for Release 2.5, which should be implemented the week of May 23. Efforts to determine wishes to be addressed in Release 3.0 are still underway and the release is currently targeted for mid to end of July 2011.

Wish List

NEEScomm encourages members of the community to submit ideas for improving NEEShub functionality via the Wish List. This feature can be found from the menu option “Collaborate -> Wish List, click the line for "Add a Wish’”. Once entered, wishes are prioritized by the RAAS (Requirements Assessment and Analysis Subcommittee) and grouped into Releases by the CRC for the NEEScomm IT team to work.


Extensive data gathering, loading, and validation was recently completed to make available over 1,500 NEES-related citations. The NEEShub menu option of “Tools&Resources -> Citations, Browse the List of Available Citations” displays the list. The list of citations can be Searched and Sorted. Additionally, each citation may be downloaded in either BibTex or EndNote format.

NEES Education and Outreach Updates

Like NEES on Facebook!

NEES has a brand-new page on the social media site “Facebook” and we need some fans! If you’re interested in daily updates on experiments conducted at NEES research sites, new NEEShub capabilities, innovative learning modules for teaching earthquake engineering and more, just visit

Come join us on Facebook.

2011 NEES Highlights

This year’s NEES Highlights are at the printers and include 28 exciting summaries of NEES research, cyberinfrastructure developments, and EOT activities! We’re quite proud of this edition as it highlights the outstanding work completed by members of the NEES community. Watch for it at the Quake Summit 2011.

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Director, NEES Operations
Purdue University