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University of Nevada, Reno tests the last four-span bridge in the series June 15. Live webcast!

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Through a $2M grant from the National Science Foundation and under the direction of Prof. Saiid Saiidi, researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno will be testing a 110-ft long, 11-ft tall bridge model to failure on June 15, 2010, starting at 10 am, Pacific Time. Among unique features of this bridge model are composite piers that incorporate glass and carbon fibers, precast columns, segmental columns, and techniques for accelerated bridge construction. More information about the bridge and the project is posted at UNR to Earthquake Test a 110’ Long, 4-Span Bridge Supported on Glass and Carbon.

To observe the testing live, please follow this telepresence link 4-Span Bridge Test at 10:00 am PDT on Tuesday June 15th. Data will be streamed through RDV.