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TeraGrid Supercomputing Allocation Awarded to NEES

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TeraGrid Supercomputing Allocation Awarded to NEES

The TeraGrid supercomputing allocation awarded to NEESit at San Diego Supercomputer Center was successfully transitioned to the NEEScomm team at Purdue University at the end of the NEES transition period in spring 2010, and NEEScomm continues to provide support for NEES TeraGrid users. NEEScomm submitted a proposal seeking continuation and extension of its support for computational experiments in the NEES research community. The NEEScomm NSF Teragrid allocation request for 300,000 SUs for the coming year was awarded in mid-December.

This award will provide access to Teragrid supercomputing resources for the NEES research community which requires the use of software, hardware, and storage resources at TeraGrid sites. NEEScomm also has a storage allocation on the Teragrid that can be used for disseminating NEES data and collecting simulation data for eventual storage in the NEES Project Warehouse. The allocation request is an increase from the past year in which the NEES community used about 125,000 SUs. Through the continued use of TeraGrid resources in the coming year, NEES expects that the broader community of earthquake engineering researchers will be able to access simulation and analysis tools on the NEEShub and on the TeraGrid. NEES expects the number of registered NEES TeraGrid users to increase significantly this year as more users access tools through the NEEShub. A copy of the proposal abstract may be found here.