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Jeena Rachel Jayamon

Error in executable file name


I had downloaded RSPMatch09 through NEEShub Tool. When I extracted the contents of the downloaded folder, I could see an executable file. The name of the executable is ‘rspm09.exe_’ . I tried to open the executable by double clicking it, but failed to open in Windows platform.
I tried to rename the executable file as ‘rspm09.exe’ (by removing the under score at the end of the name of the executable). It give me a warning saying that the program might be unstable. After renaming, I could open the executable and see a command window. When I tried to run the example given in the ‘Input Files ‘ folder, the program closed immediately showing some error message.

Can someone please help me to make the program work.

Thanks, Jeena Rachel Jayamon

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    Baikuntha Silwal

    Hi everyone,

    I have some issues of running rspmatch09. When I run the example files available in the folder, the program terminated after some steps in the execution. The program did not give any output files or results. Another important thing is the program terminates without completion.

    Please advice me how to run and get output files using the available example files in the rspmatch09 folder.

    you can reach me at

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    Cheng Song

    Sorry that the html format messed the command I wrote in my last reply. The command should be “Input Files backslash All_Files.inp”.

    Thanks, Cheng

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    Cheng Song

    Hello Jeena,

    I think if you want to run the example input files, you need to type “Input Files\All_Files.inp”, and then you should be able to see the program running, and the output files in the output folder.

    In the All_Files.inp file, it defines the number of passes and the needed input files, in the format that the user manual indicated.

    Please let me know if this works for you.

    Thanks, Cheng Song NEEScomm Earthquake Engineer

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