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Help about running RSPMATCH 09

Hi everyone, I am not able to run the program, I have experience on the RSPMATCH 99 and it has almost the same input parameters but can run this new version… i just do nothig… could someone help me please.

Thanks a lot.

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    Baikuntha Silwal


    I have same problem of running RspMatch.

    Could any one give me advice of running and getting output files. while I run the program after putting Input Files/All_Files.inp (from the program files), although I have seen some portion of program running, the program stop without completing the running. Next, I am unable to see output files.

    Please advice me how to run and get results.

    Baikuntha Silwal

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    Cheng Song


    Can you give more details on the problem you run into?

    Meanwhile, you can try RSPMatch09 by running the given example files. If you download the example package, change the extension of rspm09.exe_ to .exe first, and run this executable file. In the tool command window, you can put Input Files/All_Files.inp to try the example input files.

    Cheng Song NEEScomm Earthquake Engineer

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