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Stavroula Gerasimos Skafida

Which of the material classes are available in OpenSees solver?

I would like to know which of the material classes are available in the modified Opensees version used with SimCor.

As a matter of fact,  I came across a problem when trying to implement a model with "ElasticBilin" material assigned to the member of interest.

Your help is highly appreciated,

Stavroula Sk.

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    Oh-Sung Kwon


    The OpenSees version 2.2.2 is included with the release version. If you need new features available in the later version of OpenSees, please let me know ( 


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      Stavroula Gerasimos Skafida

      Actually, I used OpenSees v.2.4.3 to build my base model, which has a number of new features compared to v.2.2.2.

      However, the only problem I have (until now) with the Opensees release for SimCor applications is related to BilinMaterial which was last modified in v.2.4.1. Using the material definition adopted in the older version of Opensees partially solves the issue, whilst the response is slightly different to the one originally presumed. 

      Since we are willing to use SimCor for a number of applications, we would be grateful if you could provide us with a release version of HSF_OpenSees with all the latest features. 

      Thank you for your immediate and kind response. I hope I am not exploiting your willingness to help us. 

      Best regards,

      Stavroula Sk.

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