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Olympia Taskari

Displ and Rot values for the preliminary test-SimCor

Dear all,

I realized that the selection of the displacement and rotation values used for the preliminary test for each module are very important (modes differ if I use different values). Could you please tell me if there are any criteria that I have to consider when I select these values? Should these values be the same for all modules? (In my case, in order to obtain accurate period values for my bridge, I have to use very small values for the initial displ. and rot. Is this something that I have to worry about?)

Many thanks in advance, O.

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    Oh-Sung Kwon

    Since UI-SimCor evaluates stiffness matrices of each module by applying small displacement, the displacement should be small enough such that each module behaves in the linear range. For concrete elements, for instance, the elements should not develop crack during the stiffness evaluation stage. For experimental modules, the noise to signal ratio is large when the signal is small. So, it is suggested to run several cyclic tests to get stiffness matrix and use the stiffness matrix in hybrid simulation.

    Based on experience, even if you use somewhat larger stiffness than initial stiffness, the response of the structure should not be largely different from the exact solution.

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