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Academy for Professionals

Research Reports, Webinars, Events and Programs for practicing professionals, researchers and engineers


On the Seminars and Webinars panel, below, you will find a collection of upcoming and archived resources related to NEES webinars. These cover diverse topics of professional development from reports on recent earthquakes (Haiti/Japan/New Zealand) to improved construction techniques and research findings from NEES activities.

The Programs panel provides access to news about new events and publications from past NEES (affiliates) events. This includes content from conference proceedings, posters and presentations.

The Continuing Education panel allows professionals to enroll in upcoming courses, view course topics as well as view archived data about previous events. Additionally researchers and their students can find training materials from the NEES site staff that will acquaint them with the equipment and support the efficient operation of their research projects.


Seminars and Webinars

The NEES community continually hosts seminars of interest to practicing professionals, researchers, their graduate students and others in higher-education. In this section you will find lists of webinars that have been archived on NEEShub or on the web pages of the NEES equipment sites.

The "Research to Practice" series, hosted by NEES and EERI, is a separate collection of webinars, Powerpoint presentations and related materials intended to teach civil and geotechnical engineering professionals how to incorporate the findings of NEES-R projects into their daily practice. The "Research to Practice" series is available here.

Joyner Memorial Lecture 2012: Building Near Faults November 2012
Jonathan D. Bray, University of California, Berkeley
NEEShub Databases and Tools: Resources for Earthquake Engineering Practice June 2012
Ellen Rathje, University of Texas at Austin; JoAnn Browning, University of Kansas
Assessment of Seismic Performance of Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames webinar May 2012
P.B. Shing and Dr. Ioannis Koutromanos of UC-San Diego, and Professor Andreas Stavridis of the University of Texas, Arlington
Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Floor Diaphragms webinar April 2012
Robert Fleischman, University of Arizona; Ned Cleland, Blue Ridge Design; S.K. Ghosh, SKG Associates
Improving the Seismic Performance of Concentrically Braced Frames: Proposed Design and Analysis Procedures webinar February 2012
Charles Roeder and Dawn Lehman - University of Washington
NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar - Data Upload Tools January 2012
Rachelle Howell, University of Texas; Gaby Ou, Purdue University
Shear-wave Velocity Profiling and Its Importance to Seismic Design webinar December 2011
Ken Stokoe, University of Texas, Austin; Ivan G. Wong, URS Corporation
Lessons from Chile: Impacts on Earthquake Engineering of Concrete Buildings in the U.S. webinar July 2011
John Wallace, University of California, Los Angeles; Leonardo Massone, University of Chile, Santiago
NEESwood Webinar video Jaunary 2011
John van de Lindt - University of Alabama and Steve Pryor - Simpson Strong-Tie
Nanotechnology of Concrete: A Key Step in the Development of Sustainable Construction November 2010
Paulo J.M. Monteiro, University of California at Berkeley
Integrated Project Delivery Spawns Innovation – A Case Study November 2010
Simin Naaseh,Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc.
Briefing on New Zealand Canterbury (Darfield) Earthquake October 2010
Steve Mahin, PEER; Scott Ashford, Oregon State University; John Eidinger, G & E Engineering Systems Inc.; Fred Turner, California Seismic Safety Commission; Bill Holmes, Rutherford & Chekene; Mary Comerio, University of California, Berkeley
Nature and the Tall Building October 2010
Mark P. Sarkisian, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, LLP
Félix Candela: Strength and Elegance in Structural Engineering October 2010
Maria E. Moreyra Garlock, Princeton University
Chile EERI/PEER Reconnaissance Briefing at UC Berkeley March 2010
Jack Moehle, UC Berkeley; Keith Kelson - FUGRO WLA; Jonathan Bray, UC Berkeley; Mark Yashinsky, Caltrans; William Holmes, Rutherford and Chekene
Recent developments in BuildingTcl to assist in modeling, analysis and assessment of seismic response response using OpenSees January 2010
Silvia Mazzoni
Damage Resistant Braced Frames with Controlled Rocking and Energy Dissipating Fuses September 2010
Gregory Deierlein, Stanford University
NEESwood Capstone Seminar 2010
John W. van de Lindt, The University of Alabama
State of the Art of Shaking Table Tests of Wood Buildings in Japan August 2006
Hiroshi Isoda, Shinshu University, Japan
Seismic Analysis of Woodframe Structures June 2006
Bryan Folz, British Columbia Institute of Technology
NEES@Buffalo: Equipment at Buffalo's NEES Equipment Site September 2006
Jason P. Hanley, Mark Pitman, University at Buffalo
Grand Opening of the George E. Brown Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) November 2004
An Introduction to the NEES Equipment Site Scheduling Protocol October 2011
Scott Newbolds, Jamie Steidl, Joy Pauschke
UCSB - Field Training Workshop
Utexas - Material for NEESR Proposals
Minnesota - MAST Laboratory Training Programs

Programs and Workshops

Quake Summit 2014 NEES Annual Meeting
July 2014 - Anchorage, Alaska
Quake Summit 2013 NEES Annual Meeting
July 2013 - Reno, Nevada
Quake Summit 2012 NEES and CMMI Annual Conference
June 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts
RAPID Workshop 2012
February 2012 - Arlington, Virginia
NEES@UCSB Workshop Using the NEES Equipment Site Facilities in ESG Research, International Collaborations, and Future Needs
August 2011 - University of California, Santa Barbara
Quake Summit 2011 NEES and MCEER Annual Conference
June 2011 - Buffalo, New York
7th Annual NEES Centrifuge Research and Training Workshop
May 2011 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
NEES Platform for Cyber Collaboration Workshop
January 2011 - CMMI Meeting, Atlanta, GA
NEES Webinar on NEESwood Research
January 2011 - John van de Lindt, University of Alabama; Steve Pryor, Simpson Strong-Tie
Quake Summit 2010 NEES and PEER Annual Conference
October 2010 - San Francisco, CA

Continuing Education

EESacademy hosts a number of free and paid courses using a popular online learning system, Moodle, embedded into NEEShub. You don’t need additional logon credentials to enter courses, just your NEEShub user account. Paid courses are managed with secure payment methods and often have professional credits associated with them.

Wood Education Institute Certification
The Wood Education Institute was created in 2008 to address the glaring lack of wood design education at the university level. The national recognition of the value of the eco-friendly construction materials has elevated the need for using wood beyond residential construction. Not only is wood one of the oldest construction materials it is also recognized as being renewable, biodegradable, carbon negative, cost effective and a naturally pleasing material. The understanding of this material and its expanded and effective use in construction of non-residential structures is consistent with our National Goals and International obligations as it relates to the reduction of the carbon footprint.
SMU-RPI Collaboration
These courses are part of a prototype course category for the TUES grant with RPI and SMU.
Safety Training
The set of courses in the Safety Training catalog certifies NEES Equipment Site users in the best practices for heat stress avoidance, power tool care and more.
NEEShub Training
NEEShub training courses include topics such as "Data Management" and "Data Upload and Visualization".