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10NCEE Special NEES Session: Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings: Testing, Analysis, and Policy  edit    delete

Category: Conference
Description: This session at the 10NCEE focuses on lessons learned from the NEES-Soft project. The session consists of five 10-minute presentations on analysis and full-scale testing of soft-story woodframe buildings with and without seismic retrofits. Presentations will be followed by a 30 to 40 minute panel discussion on policy moderated by John van de Lindt. Panel members and retrofit presentation titles appear below.

Chris Poland, Patrick Otellini, Dr. Ifa Kashefi, Gary L. Mochizuki

10 minute presentations:
Full-Scale Testing of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings using Stiffness-Based Retrofits
J.W. van de Lindt, P. Bahmani, S. Pryor, E. Jennings, G. Mochizuki, X. Shao, M. Gershfeld, W. Pang, M. Symans

Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of a Stacked Wood Frame Shear Wall Frame with Viscous Damper
X, Shao, J. van de Lindt, P. Bahmani, W. Pang, E.Ziaei, M. Symans, J, Tian, E. Jennings, T.Dao

A Three-dimensional Model for Slow Hybrid Testing of Retrofits for Soft-story Woodframe Buildings
W. Pang, E. Ziaei, X. Shao, J.W. van de Lindt, M. Gershfeld, M. Symans

Seismic Performance of a Full-Scale Soft-Story Woodframed Building with Energy Dissipation Retrofit
J. Tian, M. Symans, P. Bahmani, J.W. van de Lindt, E. Ziaei, W. Pang, X. Shao, and M. Gershfeld

Distributed knee-brace (DKB) system as a complete or supplemental retrofit for soft story low-rise woodframe buildings
M. Gershfeld, C. Chadwell, J.W. van de Lindt, W. Pang, E. Ziaei, S. Gordon, O. Amini, J. Au, J. Ferguson, J. Savage
When: Tuesday 22 July, 2014, 10:30 am AKDT - 12:00 pm AKDT
Where: 10NCEE in Anchorage, AK; Room – Tikahtnu A/B – FL3 Dena’ina
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