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Best Practices for Data Management

  1. Create a structured project in Project Warehouse for managing NEES research data.
  2. Add all project participants as members of the project. Ensure each member is given the appropriate role (e.g., PI, Co-PI, etc.) and permissions (view, edit, delete, etc).
  3. Share documents with project participants by uploading files to the project documentation area. This data is secure and requires permission to acces the data from the project owner.
  4. Create a structured experiment to store earthquake engineering research data using the NEES data model, which will result in the ability to perform structured queries of the data.
  5. Associate your organization with the experiment. If your organization is not in the list, please place a request for adding a new organization via a Support ticket.
  6. Associate a facility with the experiment if your experiment involves one of the NEES equipment sites. This will make equipment (i.e., major equipment and sensors) from that facility available to be referenced by your experiment.
  7. During pre-experiment planning and construction, add the following details to your experiment/trial:
    Experiment Setup:
    • Material properties
    • Sensor location plans
    • Equipment inventory
    • Models (e.g., CAD drawings)
  8. Prepare for data curation and publishing by adding data and metadata to your project/experiment/trial throughout the experiment. Remember that the DSAC policy requires data to be uploaded to Project Warehouse within six months of experiment completion and must be made public within one year.
  9. Improve the NEES data model and project Warehouse capabilities by exploring Project Warehouse early and sending feedback to NEEScomm IT.

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