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What is the required timeline for uploading NEESR data

Unprocessed data, taken directly from an instrument or data acquisition system, must be stored offsite within 24 hours. Sites are encouraged to use the Project Warehouse itself for offsite storage. Researchers have six months from the end of the experiment or hybrid simulation, to properly evaluate the quality of the data, provide documentation for curation, and submit corrected and derived data to the NEES Data Repository. The access to data files remains limited to the group members. Twelve months since completion of an experiment the data become public, unless the researcher chooses to make the data public earlier.

Researchers are further encouraged to include additional interpretations and analyses that will help users understand and interact with the measured data. No later than 3 months after the termination date of the grant, researchers should provide an Executive Summary for the project, which describes the data obtained and its relevance to future users of that data.

For more details consult the NEEScomm Data Sharing and Archiving Policies and Guidelines.

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