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How do I enter information into my site equipment schedule calendar

NEES Calendar Overview

The new website has a special calendar to display equipment/site availability information to assist researchers wishing to gain a high level view of your site’s availability. To have your site\'s equipment availability displayed, all you need to do is establish publicly available Google calendars (up to 4).

Each Google calendar will serve as the data source that will indicate availability of a major resource at your site. The NEES calendar will simply aggregate your individual calendars for display using Google’s Calendar API. All maintenance and entry of data will occur completely in the Google Calendar system and will remain under control of your organization.

Creating Your Calendars

For those of you familiar with Google Calendars, setup of your site’s calendars should not take more than a couple of minutes per calendar. If you do not already have a Google account, now is the time to go create one.

From your Gmail account, you should be able to reach your calendar page from a link in the header of the page. Once you have found the Google Calendar, click on the ‘Add’ button in the ‘My Calendar’ section to create a new calendar.

On the Create Calendar Page, specify a descriptive calendar name. The calendar name will be used by the NEES Equipment Availability page.

In order for the calendar to be accessible by the NEES equipment availability calendar, you need to make sure ‘Make this calendar public’ is checked. Also, please make sure \'Share only my free/busy information (Hide details)\' is unchecked.

If you need give multiple people at your site the ability to maintain this calendar, you may enter their email addresses and click the ‘add person’ button. Each person needs to have a Google account in order to be able to maintain the calendar.

Forward Calendar Details to NEES

Once you have saved your calendar, you will be returned to your Google Calendar mainpage. It might take a short while for the new calendar to appear, but once it does, it will appear in your ‘My Calendars’ section on your calendar page. Click the arrow on the right hand side of the calendar’s name and select ‘Calendar Settings’. On the ‘Calendar Details’ tab of the following page, you’ll see a section near the bottom of the page called ‘Calendar Address’. The Calendar ID is the piece of information NEES needs to hook up your NEES Equipment Availability calendar to your Google calendar. We’ll need the Calendar ID for each calendar you want to display.

To get this ID to NEES, simply create a support ticket in the system and put the calendar id(s) in the ticket along with your site, and we\'ll take care of the rest.

Important Notes and helpful tips

  • Do not put times on events in your equipment calendars, all events should be specified as all day events. The current version of the NEES calendar aggregation tool will not properly parse your calendar’s events if times are specified.
  • The NEES calendar only aggregates and displays at most 4 calendars for this release.
  • All editing and maintaining of calendar information is done completely in Google Calendar, NEES only displays the information and has no control over the calendar itself.
  • When calendar owners leave your organization, make sure they share the calendar and give the new owner ‘Make changes and manage sharing’ in order to transfer the calendar to the new owner.

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