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  • Created 04 Dec 2012

About the Group

Pegasus WMS 6f3bdd43345bcc3a> is a configurable system for mapping and executing abstract application workflows over a wide range of execution environment including a laptop, a campus cluster, a Grid, or a commercial or academic cloud. Today, Pegasus runs workflows on Amazon EC2, Nimbus, Open Science Grid, the TeraGrid, and many campus clusters. One workflow can run on a single system or across a heterogeneous set of resources. Pegasus can run workflows ranging from just a few computational tasks up to 1 million.

Pegasus WMS bridges the scientific domain and the execution environment by automatically mapping high-level workflow descriptions onto distributed resources. It automatically locates the necessary input data and computational resources necessary for workflow execution. Pegasus enables scientists to construct workflows in abstract terms without worrying about the details of the underlying execution environment or the particulars of the low-level specifications required by the middleware (Condor, Globus, or Amazon EC2). Pegasus WMS also bridges the current cyberinfrastructure by effectively coordinating multiple distributed resources. The input to Pegasus is a description of the abstract workflow in XML format.

Pegasus allows researchers to translate complex computational tasks into workflows that link and manage ensembles of dependent tasks and related data files. Pegasus automatically chains dependent tasks together, so that a single scientist can complete complex computations that once required many different people. New users are encouraged to explore the tutorial chapter to become familiar with how to operate Pegasus for their own workflows. Users create and run a sample project to demonstrate Pegasus capabilities. Users can also browse the Useful Tips chapter to aid them in designing their workflows.

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