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About the Group

This PREEMPTIVE group constitutes a Virtual Institute which will build a community for researchers across the Pacific Rim who share interest in understanding, promoting and accelerating the adoption of protective systems for building seismic response reduction to provide for resilient and sustainable societies. Recent significant earthquakes around the Pacific Rim in Chile (M8.8 2/27/2010), New Zealand
(M6.3 2/22/2011) and Japan (M9.0 3/11/2011) provide poignant opportunities to explore the seismic performance of protective systems and better understand the demands and necessary capacity we require of them. Close international collaboration through this proposed PACIFIC RIM EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING MITIGATION PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT (PREEMPTIVE) institute will influence the protective systems research that US researchers are pursuing to help ensure that necessary capability enhancements are achieved for including protective systems in US code and implementation before our next large seismic event. This project provides an opportunity to proactively learn from foreign counterparts to better prepare the US for future hazards: i.e., to be preemptive.