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University of California, San Diego experiments

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Enhancement of Seismic Performance and Design of Partially-Grouted Reinforced Masonry Buildings

Status: Experimental Design
Planned for 2014-03-31 09:00 PST

Reinforced masonry constitutes about 10% of all low-rise buildings in the US. Many of them are commercial, industrial, and school buildings. While most of the reinforced masonry structures constructed in the West Coast are fully grouted, almost all r... [more]

NEESR: Inertial Force-Limiting Floor Anchorage Systems for Seismic Resistant Building Structures

Status: Completed
Planned for 2014-01-24 10:00 PST

The objective of this research project is to advance knowledge toward the development of innovative floor anchorage systems that reduce inertial forces during earthquakes and maintain a centered floor afterward. This new knowledge will be generated t... [more]

Seismic Risk Reduction for Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings

Status: Completed
Planned for 2013-07-10 09:00 PST

The NEES-Soft Project, whose full title is a??Seismic Risk Reduction for Soft-Story Woodframe Buildingsa?? is a five-university multi-industry collaboration has the objectives of developing and demonstrating a methodology to retrofit soft-story woodf... [more]

Analytical and Experimental Development of Bridges with Foundations Allowed to Uplift During Earthquakes

Status: Completed
Planned for 2013-05-16 11:00 PST

Conventionally designed bridges rely on the concept of ductility, whereby the column reinforcement is detailed to ensure the development of flexural plastic hinges at the base and the top of the columns. While bridges designed in this manner may be s... [more]

Earthquake Performance of Large-Scale MSE Retaining Walls 2012 and 2013

Status: Completed
Planned for 2013-04-05 10:00 PST

The use of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls in civil engineering construction has become an increasingly popular alternative to conventional gravity and semi-gravity retaining walls over the last several decades. The low cost and ease of con... [more]

Retaining Wall Shake Table Test and Design using Tire Derived Aggregates as Backfill

Status: Completed
Planned for 2012-10-31 10:00 PST

In the United States, about 200a??300 million tires are scrapped annually. Many of them had been stockpiled in landfills, which caused serious public health problems as well as environmental issues. These days, most developed countries prohibit leg... [more]

Two-Story Reinforced Masonry Shear Wall System

Status: Completed [Movie]
Planned for 2012-09-07 08:00 PST

A full-scale, two-story, fully-grouted, reinforced masonry shear wall system will be tested on the NEES outdoor shake table at the Englekirk Structural Engineering Center of UCSD. This will be the second and also the last structure to be tested on th... [more]

Full-Scale Structural and Nonstructural Building System Performance During Earthquakes & Post-Earthquake Fire

Status: Completed [Movie]
Planned for 2012-04-10 08:00 PST

To date, only a handful of full-scale building experiments have been conducted. Of these, none have evaluated the post-earthquake fire performance of the complete building system and only select (in Japan) have they emphasized evaluating nonstructura... [more]


Status: Completed
Planned for 2011-01-18 11:00 PST

Current code provisions and strength design methods for reinforced masonry shear-wall structures do not adequately distinguish the unique design requirements and performance characteristics of high-rise and low-rise masonry shear wall systems of diff... [more]

Large-Scale Validation of Seismic Performance of Bridge Columns

Status: Completed
Planned for 2010-09-20 10:00 PST

This investigation will obtain, interpret and disseminate the first shake table results for fullscale bridge columns detailed consistent with current Caltrans design practice. Under the auspices of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (... [more]

Metal Building Systems

Status: Completed
Planned for 2010-06-30 10:00 PST

Metal Building Systems make up a large portion of new low-rise, non-residential construction today. These systems are designed to be extremely efficient and as such exhibit very different behavior than other steel building systems. The current build... [more]

Wind Turbine

Status: Completed
Planned for 2010-02-01 09:00 PST

The amount of electricity produced from the wind has steadily grown since its introduction in the 1980s and with the introduction of AB 32 is poised to grow substantially in California. Through support from the United States National Science Foundati... [more]

Seismic Design Guidelines of Retaining Walls with/without Sound Wall

Status: Completed
Planned for 2009-09-11 11:00 PST

There are hundreds of miles of retaining wall systems that exist in the western United States. Their routine design for static applications has been practiced by many public and private sectors. However, seismic design of these retaining walls has n... [more]

Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frame with Retrofitted Masonry Infill

Status: Completed [Movie]
Planned for 2009-07-09 10:00 PST

Masonry-infilled reinforced concrete (RC) frames are a common type of construction in many parts of the world. The seismic performance and safety of older infilled RC frames has been a major concern. Infill walls can significantly increase the streng... [more]

NEES@UCSD Tests a 3-Story Infilled RC Frame

Status: Completed [Movie]
Planned for 2008-11-18 13:02 PST

Researchers of UC San Diego are currently conducting shake table tests on a 3-story, non-ductile, masonry-infilled, reinforced concrete frame representing structures built in California in the 1920a??s. The tests on the 2/3 scale specimen are part of... [more]

Development of a Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Building Diaph

Status: Completed
Planned for 2008-06-12 10:01 PST

This is a landmark test funded by NSF GOALI, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and the Charles Pankow Foundation. This project will assess the behavior of long-span precast concrete diaphragms to input earthquake excitation. This is a pre-NE... [more]

Earthquake Hazard Reduction for Critical Facilities

Status: Completed
Planned for 2008-06-12 09:55 PST

THIS IS A NSF-SGER PAYLOAD PROJECTThis project requires the large high-performance outdoor shaking table at UCSD and the half-scale structural model to be tested as part of the project CMS-0324522. The PI requests use of NEES sensors (9 accelerometer... [more]

Performance-based Design of New Masonry Structures

Status: Completed
Planned for 2007-11-06 09:51 PST

This is a NEESR small-group project led by the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to the NSF funding, the project has a significant support from the masonry industry for materials, manpower, and funding. The project will require the use of th... [more]

NEES SG: Soil-Structure Interaction at Highway Bridge Abutment

Status: Completed
Planned for 2007-02-07 15:50 PST

As part of a collaborative effort through NEESR-SG, UCSD and UNR will be conducting a series of tests to study the soil-structure interaction at highway bridge abutments during earthquakes. The PI for the collaborative project is Professor Saiidi a... [more]

Earthquake Protector: A New Line of Seismic Base Isolation

Status: Completed [Movie]
Planned for 2006-12-06 14:00 PST

The latest research activities at the California State University, Northridge gave rise to the innovative passive control of buildings technology invented by Valentin Shustov and called Earthquake Protector (for a video demonstration, see http://... [more]

Shake Table Testing of a Full-scale Seven Story Building

Status: Completed
Planned for 2006-05-01 17:18 PST

Experience in earthquakes has shown that structural walls are an excellent lateral force resisting system but in high-seismic regions like California, buildings incorporating structural walls can be prohibitiley expensive and difficult to build. Str... [more]

Experience with Hybrid Simulation