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Best Practices for Remote Participation in Experiments (IT Administrators)

  1. Ensure that remote participants are authorized to access your facility’s services, including flexTPS, RDV, and any other resources that require authentication and authorization.
  2. Check with your campus network team regarding possible traffic shapers or firewalls on your site\'s external network connection. Ensure that these do not become a limiting factor for your applications under heavy loads.
  3. Perform a network bandwidth and latency test before the experiment to understand the capacity of your network and estimate how many remote participants can be accommodated.
  4. Perform a full dry run of the experiment to identify any unforseen server errors (e.g. running out of memory).
  5. Obtain a host certificate that is signed by a recognized certificate authority for your production deployment of the flexTPS server.
  6. Configure all DataTurbine data sources to be the same length in time. This will reduce user confusion when reviewing historic data from RDV.
  7. Ensure that the DataTurbine server and the DataTurbine API used by the client are from the same version of the DataTurbine distribution.
  8. Set up distributed DataTurbine servers for a group of remote participants from the same geographical location to alleviate network and server load on the main DataTurbine server. Use parent-child, mirror or robust routing configurations.
  9. Use a mirrored DataTurbine server on the local network to backup the streaming data of important data channels.
  10. Setup local firewall rules to filter out unauthorized access to your telepresence services.
  11. Maintain a reliable audio channel (e.g. WebEx audio conference) for all remote participants to communicate with each other and learn latest status of the experiment.

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