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Best Practices for Security

  1. Do not send passwords through email. They will not be encrypted and could be discovered.
  2. Select strong passwords with eight characters or more using letters, numbers, and symbols, if possible.
  3. Avoid writing passwords on sticky notes or desk blotters. Do not store them online where they may be discovered.
  4. Lock your computer when you step away from your desk, and make sure it is password protected.
  5. Always protect computers with anti-virus software and firewalls.
  6. Be suspicious of phishing emails and only open expected attachments.
  7. Avoid disreputable web sites and random web surfing.
  8. Use a secure web browser that verifies you are submitting sensitive information through an encrypted channel.
  9. Update your operating system and application software with recently released patches and service packs.
  10. Reduce internal threats by establishing procedures to remove computer access from staff who have left.

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