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Why Can't I Use MATLAB

Due to licensing issues, MATLAB is only available on Purdue\'s campus. This means only computers with Purdue IP addresses can use MATLAB. Purdue staff and students cannot run MATLAB on NEEShub from a computer with an IP address outside Purdue\'s campus block, even when running a workspace.

Access to MATLAB is controlled by NEEScomm IT. It is currently available only to users associated to Purdue University and is subject to approval by NEEScomm IT. Please submit a Support Ticket to get access to MATLAB. Please provide a detailed reason for the request and include the following:
1) Project name and a brief description of the simulation
2) Your role
3) Your organization

For Purdue users working off campus, an option is to use VPN to access the Purdue network and then they will be able to run MATLAB. Click Instructions for Purdue VPN for further information on how to use Purdue VPN.

An alternative is to use Octave. It\'s mostly compatible with Matlab, and has no IP restrictions.

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