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Licensing Content - Intellectual Property Considerations

All materials contributed to must have clearly defined rights and privileges. The NCN has instituted the following guidelines for all materials uploaded onto NEEShub

Simulation Tools

Open Source (OSI) Logo

Simulation tools can be made available online through's unique middleware, so users don't have to download or install any source code. As such, the source code for your tool can be completely protected, and may not require any license. We do encourage our developers, however, to release their tools as open source so that others can build upon their work. Purdue University has a process in place at the Office of Technology and Commercialization (OTC) to approve code written by Purdue employees for open source release. The Purdue OTC office prefers the NCSA-style license. Other NCN universities may have their own policies for licensing and code release. Please check with your local institution for details. If you decide to make your source code available for download, we do require that you include some well-defined license so that our users clearly understand how they are allowed to use your source code.

Online Presentations and Other Materials

Creative Commons License

We strongly encourage contributors of online presentations, teaching materials, animations, and other materials to adopt the Creative Commons 3.0 license. This allows others to use your work for non-commercial purposes, but they must acknowledge you as a source and share their derivative works under the same license. Note that this also gives you an opportunity to build upon their work!

Open Data Materials

This material is Open Data

NSF advocates and encourages open scientific communication. NEES has been designed to share both experimental facilities and the data generated from research that uses these facilities (experimental and analytical). NEES makes research data available for download, re-processing, and analysis following the Panton principles. In order to make data available for use and reuse, the data are clearly identified as Open Data by a button attached to every experiment that contains data available to public. The open data license complements the NEEShub Terms of use that addresses the use of the NEEShub as a whole. The Open Data license is maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

We strongly encourage all contributors to adopt these licensing guidelines. If you want to contribute, but for some reason you are unable to agree to these licenses, please contact us, so we can follow up and discuss other options.