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    Dr. John W. van de Lindt is a Professor of Structural Engineering at Colorado State University and holds the George T. Abell Professorship in Infrastructure. Dr. van de Lindt’s research program has two major thrusts, both related to improving the built environment by making structures and structural systems perform to the level expected by their occupants, government, and the public. He seeks to accomplish this through the development and test bed applications of performance-based engineering of building systems and bridges for earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. To accomplish this has necessitated coupling nonlinear dynamics, including stochastic approaches in both time and space with structural reliability during extreme loading events. His work includes both the development of new nonlinear numerical models and experimental investigations to calibrate those models and support the hypotheses. A related focus has been reliability-based design code calibrations for existing philosophies such as bridge design and developing rapid bridge design and inspection approaches for steel bridges. Over the last ten years he has successfully led federal, state, and industry sponsored projects and as a result of these projects he publishes in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Structural Engineering, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, Engineering Structures, Structural Safety, and the Journal of Earthquake Engineering and presents work frequently at both national and international conferences. Dr van de Lindt recently served as the Chair of the Technical Administrative Committee on Wood which oversees four national committees and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Structural Engineering. He is chairperson of the NEES USer Forum and has been PI on several NEESR projects.

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