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Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages

Have you ever you thought the benefits of learning foreign languages? , have you been rejected from a job by not having enough of a language level? have you ever traveled to another country communicating just with language, non-verbal and four words of English? Don't be shy and learn languages! Do not be afraid and jump!

Languages are a vehicle of communication able to connect cultures and eliminate borders, as well as offer concrete benefits for the brain.

Language covers two types of brain activity: the creative, because it builds sentences (belonged to the hemisphere right, more emotional, social and creative) and the activity that triggers the left hemisphere (more analytical, logical and rational), concerning the knowledge and application of a grammar. A person who learns two languages, because the areas of the brain associated with language have not developed its maximum fullness, a person who does so during his youth, with a degree of intermediate development which already are not as "sponge", as it is colloquially often said since his early childhood (up to two years) is different. If the language is learned in adulthood, this person acquires it subordinating and adapting the foreign language to the native language system.

Languages make you richer. Maybe not economically but level personal and competition, highly valued nowadays, in a world where there are approximately 7,000 languages spoken actively and predominantly 23, which are that dominate completely (including the English, the Chinese, the Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, French or German are located). Would you like to go to work or study abroad, for example? Then, don't let language be a barrier when they can be a gateway to your future. Probably you won't be bilingual in two months or polyglot in three, but perseverance in learning languages will be your best ally and will open roads and new horizons.

For this reason, and because our goal is to spread the importance of languages, from our website we would like to get some applications (apps) that foster and enable the study of foreign languages:

  • Duolingo: is a free system of language learning that allows the possibility to learn vocabulary, grammar and syntax from the initial level with practices tailored to your level of language texts.
  • Busuu: official translation services New York offering language learning online with a wide selection that we can find Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Talks by video-conference between the user community is one of the keys to his success, reaching up to 40,000 unique visitors.
  • It is a free application for Google Chrome that allows you to read articles and select words that the user will be incorporated in the dictionary where you can meet the definition, and also their pronunciation at the phonetic level. The application will be suggesting new items to read to the user go to progress and go climbing levels.
  • Other platforms that allow the learning of languages, on the basis of the interaction and the contact of users from different countries to practice languages with video conference.

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