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    Dr. Rix earned his BSCE from Purdue University in 1982 and his MSCE and PhD degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 and 1988, respectively. Since 1989 he has been on the faculty in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he now holds the rank of Professor. His primary research interests are in soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering including laboratory and in situ measurement of dynamic soil properties, site response analysis, liquefaction hazards and seismic risk analysis. Dr. Rix is currently the Project Director of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) Grand Challenge project on Seismic Risk Management for Port Systems. He is active in a variety of professional organizations including the American Society of Civil Engineers, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Seismological Society of America, Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, and NEEScomm, and also serves as leader of the Geosystems Group in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech.

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