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Student Information

Poster Preparation Instructions

Poster presenters should bring their own pre-printed poster to the meeting. The posters will be displayed on tri-pods with foam-core boards upon which presenters can paste or pin their posters. Pushpins, tape and glue sticks will be available at the meeting. The foam core board backing will be 30" wide X 40" tall (75 cm X 100 cm) so posters should not exceed these dimensions. Using those dimensions as a guideline, posters should be organized as follows:

  • Include all of the following information on the poster header:
    • Project Title– NEES Project for which research was completed.
    • Names and affiliations of all project principal investigators
    • Names and affiliation of all student investigators
    • Names of additional funding agencies as appropriate
    • Laboratory name and university where the research was conducted
  • Footer
    • Insert the 30" x 4" footer into the bottom of your poster (as shown in the poster template)
    • Download NEES poster template (PowerPoint file - 548 KB)
  • Posters can be printed in color, but it is not required. However, all posters must be two-dimensional, with no "pop-outs", three-dimensional elements, or electronic construction.
  • Use only one side of the poster and do not extend any portion of the design or display beyond the 30" x 40" board.
  • Please do not frame or set in glass or plastic.
  • The main body of the poster should include at least an Introduction and Conclusions. Possible sections between the Introduction and Conclusions include Background, Methods, Results, etc.
  • Graphics are always preferred to lengthy text. On the other hand, some brief text, readable from a distance, can be useful to describe the graphics.

For some ideas on poster design and layout, visit: