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Earthquake Simulator Video Archive

By Mete A Sozen1, Arturo Ernest Schultz2, John Bonacci, Marc Eberhard3, Chungwook Sim1, Sudheera R. Fernando1, Santiago Pujol1, Ann Christine Catlin1, Enrique Villalobos1, Ying Wang1

1. Purdue University 2. University of Minnesota 3. University of Washington


Licensed according to this deed.



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This film database provides links to a number of videos related to dynamic tests conducted at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in the 80s. Detailed descriptions of test setups, specimen drawings, instrumentation layouts, digital measurement data files (in *.csv format), and related documentation are also provided. All this information constitutes a rich resource that can be used to calibrate numerical models and test hypotheses related to the seismic response of RC structures. The documentation provided is exhaustive and should contain every detail required for such tests and calibrations. The scale of the experiments included in the database facilitated the use of instrumentation seldom available in full-scale structures. The conditions of the tests were controlled to allow for reduced uncertainty in calibrations and hypothesis tests.

image image image image
Photograph of Test Structure Test Setup Test Structure Configuration Instrumentation Layout

Acknowledgements: This database was posted on NEEShub through generous assistance from Chungwook Sim, Sudheera Fernando, Santiago Pujol, Ann Christine Catlin, Enrique Villabos, and Ying Wang at Purdue University.

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  • Mete A Sozen; Arturo Ernest Schultz; John Bonacci; Marc Eberhard; Chungwook Sim; Sudheera R. Fernando; Santiago Pujol; Ann Christine Catlin; Enrique Villalobos; Ying Wang (2014), "Earthquake Simulator Video Archive,"

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