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A Real Time Hybrid Simulation Demo Code for a Structure with Base Isolation

By Daniel Gomez1, Rachel Chicchi1, Scott Wonderly1, Shirley Dyke1

1. Purdue University

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This demo describes the set-up of a simple RTHS simulation with base isolation and is accompanied by two files BI_RTHS_simul.mdl and BI_RTHS_DM.m. BI_RTHS_simul.mdl is a Matlab code that uses a block environment to simulate the model response. This simulation builds upon a Real Time Hybrid Simulation (RTHS) DEMO for a Single Story Steel (Ou,, which will be referred to in this demo as the original demo. In this new model, a base isolator is applied to a single story steel structure with the same mass, stiffness, damping ratio as the original demo. The structure is partitioned into one numerical substructure (the steel structure) and one experimental substructure (the base isolator).

The purpose of preparing this demo example is to help beginners understand the RTHS concept and build upon the single degree of freedom RTHS system in the original demo for multi degree of freedom systems. It also allows users the option to vary base isolator parameters to determine its effects on the response of the structure.

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  • Daniel Gomez; Rachel Chicchi; Scott Wonderly; Shirley Dyke (2014), "A Real Time Hybrid Simulation Demo Code for a Structure with Base Isolation,"

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