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School Hazard Identification & Risk Management in Alaska

By Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly

Published on


This presentation outlines Alaska’s progress in identifying seismic hazards in Alaska’s schools from the perspective of Laura Kelly who lived in Kodiak, Alaska for 14 years, works for the US Coast Guard of Base Kodiak, and serves on the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission.  Using a timeline approach, the slide-set illustrates how individuals and agencies proceed from recognizing seismic hazards, to identification of at-risk structures, and then garner support for funding, prioritize projects and ultimately retrofit critical structures.  Identification of a structurally vulnerable school on the USCG Base ultimately lead to seismic mitigation of all at-risk schools on Kodiak Island, and the project is being utilized as an example for mitigating schools throughout the State of Alaska, beginning with implementation of Rapid Visual Screening (RVS). Success is not always linear, but the synergy of vision, commitment, collaboration and an occasional damaging earthquake/tsunami spur progress.


Licensed Civil Engineer, employeed 15 years with the US Coast Guard, and member of the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission since 2005.



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