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3D Data Viewer

Provide 3D Views of experimental models

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Version 2.0.2 - published on 19 Jun 2013

Open source: license | code unavaialble

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The 3D Data Viewer (developed by CEES at RPI in collaboration with Oregon State University) is a tool specially designed to display both 3D models as well as 2D plots side by side.

Although this tool can be used for simple 3D visualization, the 3D Data Viewer really shines when used to organize data from various sources which can be represented in 3D space.

At CEES we run tests on geotechnical models with dozens of sensors embedded within the model capturing thousands of data points. To organize all that data we display a virtual representation of the physical model and make the sensors interactive elements so the user can select them and plot their data. This aids tremendously in organizing the data and getting a good high-level understanding of the test results.  3D Data Viewer is also a great collaboration tool.

Features at a Glance

  • 3D Views of experimental models
  • Sensors drawn on a 3D grid
  • Specimen can be drawn for visualization (e.g., soil, container, water, etc)
  • Plots data acquired from sensor; plots can be overlaid for comparison
  • Automatic Install, just click a link to get started
  • Describe your model in Google Sketchup
  • Import sensor configurations from delimited definition files
  • Access Models and Data on NEESHub

Resources and Documentation

3DDV Website

User Guide

Howto Video

You can download the following samples to try 3ddv.  To access the sample data when running 3ddv from NEESHub, download the files to your home directory.

Sample Data


Center for Earthquake Engineering Simulation, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute

NEES site at Oregon State University


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