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Evaluation of the 9-Story Benchmark Building Shear Model

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In this model, the 9-strory benchmark FEM model is remodeled as a 9 degree of freedom shear building model. To evaluate the model the displacement, velocity and acceleration responses of the shear model are compared to those obtained using the FEM model (time history comparison and RMS response). The responses are for the 0.5 scale earthquakes (50% intensity), El Centro and Hachinohe in three different scenarios in terms of mass of the structure. Y. Ohtori et al.,  Benchmark Control Problems for Seismically Excited Nonlinear Buildings, J. Eng. Mech.130, 366 (2004)

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  • Amin Maghareh; Matthew J. Barnes; Zhuoxiong Sun (2012), "Evaluation of the 9-Story Benchmark Building Shear Model,"

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