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REST Web Services

By Ian Mathew1, Gregory P Rodgers1

1. Purdue University

A test tool and tool management area for REST Web Services

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Version 2.6.1 - published on 20 Aug 2012

This tool is closed source.

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This tool is not executable in the hub. Do NOT use the "Launch Tool" button above. Use the hyperlink below to test web services. Also use this tool to report problems or request enhancements to REST Web Services. Please enter any tickets for Web Services from this page by pushing the "support" button in the top right of this page.

REST Web Services Release Notes

In the new hub environment, web services has almost identical operation to the former web services in NEEScentral. Here are the important changes.

  • There are two environments for webservices.
    1. Production environment using the server
    2. Test environment using the server Any updates you make will be visible on the staging web server at
  • Authentication for web services has changed. The use of gridauth has been eliminated and replaced with LDAP authentication using your userid and password. Previously with gridauth, you generated a login hash string that you then provided on the end of any call to REST web services with the tag "?GAsession=". In the new environment, you still use the tag "?GAsession=" but instead of a login hash you simply provide the string USERID/PASSWORD where USERID is your NEEShub login and PASSWORD is your password. No encoding is necessary. No former login is required. REST will use these values to test your LDAP authentication and provide you with proper access to the repository. If you do not provide ?GAsession, you still get public access to web services.
  • In the past web services used a web server to retrieve files from the warehouse. Web servers often munge files and are slow to deliver large files. We now ofter a new FTP access to warehouse files. The ftp server is the same as the web services server, (TEST) and (PRODUCTION). FTP access is currently only for reading files. See the TEST link above for how FTP is used with DataFile. On the left panel, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on DataFile to see three links to demonstrate the updated datafile services.
  • Here is a link to the web services online documentation.

The source code for web services is now managed under svn. To see this code you must be added as a developer. Please contact Ian Mathew (imathew) or Brian Rohler (brohler) to be added as a developer to restws. Once you are added, issue this svn command to see the java source code for web services. svn checkout restws

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Original Web Services were created by NEESComm IT at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

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