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Community Top Rated Resources

  1. NEEShub Logo

    01 Oct 2010 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Rajesh Thyagarajan

  2. OpenSeesDays 2010 Nonlinear Analysis

    12 Oct 2010 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Frank McKenna

    A Presentation given by Prof. Filip Fillippou on modeling and analysis options for nonlinear analysis at OpenSeesDays2010.

  3. Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering

    02 Jan 2011 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Ian Robertson, Ron Riggs

    This was the first presentation at the NEES annual meeting to present the project. Because it was near the beginning of the project, it spoke mostly of the planned experiments. This presentation, together with the other NEES annual meeting presentation at the end of the project, make bookends to...

  4. Frank McKenna showing OpenSees running in NEEShub

    18 Apr 2011 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Frank McKenna

    This is a video of Frank McKenna showing OpenSees running in NEEShub.  He starts a simulation on his laptop and then goes to the hub, uploads the simulation input and then starts the simulation giving line commands.   While it is running on the hub he runs some other...

  5. EOT Student Activities with Culver Academy Engineering Students: Tsunami Wave Tank and Shake Table

    03 Oct 2011 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Teresa Morris

    On September 28, 2011, sixty junior and senior engineering students from Culver Academy visited the NEEScomm office and spent time with our EOT staff learning more about NEES. Students interacted with the wave tank by working through a Survive the Wave lesson as well as participated in a...

  6. NEEShub Bootcamp - February 2011

    11 Feb 2011 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Rajesh Thyagarajan

    This is the Boot Camp Webinar held on February 4th 2011.NEEScomm conducted a 3-hour interactive training session on Friday, 4 February 2011 for researchers and graduate students entitled NEEShub Boot Camp.NEEShub Boot Camp will introduce the NEEShub features that facilitate research and will...

  7. Non ductile versus ductile concrete columns

    15 Jun 2010 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Sean Brophy

    UCLA and seismic constructionNews footage shows an experiment comparing ductile and non-ductile supporting columns undergoing compression loading.(partial segment)UCLA - John Wallace

  8. Plate Tectonic History of Southern California

    06 Aug 2010 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    Video displaying the creation of a transform fault along the Southern California coast.

  9. NEES@Berkeley project highlight: Mitigation of Collapse Risk of Older Concrete Buildings

    01 Aug 2012 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Heidi Tremayne (Faison), Khalid Mosalam, Shakhzod Takhirov, Jack Moehle, Sangjoon Park, Wael M. Hassan, NEES EOT

    These experimental research tests at NEES@Berkeley are part of a larger project titled "NEES-GC: Mitigation of Collapse Risk in Vulnerable Concrete Buildings" funded by the National Science Foundation under award number CMMI-0402490. At the NEES@Berkeley lab, researchers designed, built and...

  10. Poster Presentation_Crossman

    02 Aug 2012 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Emma Crossman