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FlexTpsSource acquires data from a FlexTPS video stream and sends it to the Data Turbine server.

Version 2.0.1 - published on 17 Aug 2010

Open source: license | code unavaialble

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FlexTpsSource acquires data from a FlexTPS video stream and sends it to a Data Turbine server. Unlike the other NEESit source utilities, FlexTpsSource does not currently make use of append mode. This means that every time FlexTpsSource is started with a non-unique name, the name will be followed by an underscore and the next available integer (e.g., MySource_4) regardless of whether the previous source with the same name has been terminated. This behavior will be fixed in a future release of FlexTpsSource.

More information: Data Turbine Utility Document Web Page Data Turbine Server Document Web Page Click here to download Data Turbine Utility document as a PDF.

the first-time users This tool uses network communication, but new users are not automatically allowed to access network for security reason. If you can not run this tool correctly (i.e., this tool can not connect a remote server.), you can ask network permission thru “Help” menu on the top right.


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