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OpenFresco (the Open-source Framework for Experimental Setup and Control) is an environment-independent software framework, based on modern object-oriented software design and programming methodologies. The software connects finite element models with...

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Version svn250 - published on 22 Sep 2010

This tool is closed source.

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189 Running a hybrid simulation using Openfresco with one of the modules being an Abaqus component engaging a user-subroutine (UEL)
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100 Question aout the real time tesing using OpenFresco (2)
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88 Questions about the interaction between OpenFresco and OpenSees
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46 Transformation Error
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34 OpenFresco 3D Model Query
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10 Problem with executing hybrid examples
Asked by Ali Ashasi Sorkhabi Open 2
115 Cannot run SimFEAdapter and Portal Frame OpenFresco exa
Asked by Syed Murtuza Abbas Closed 1
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99 question about real time testing using OpenFresco
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