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PEN 2.4

By Lily Dong, Ian Mathew1, Gregory P Rodgers1

1. Purdue University

Project Explorer for NEES. Use this tool to manage(upload/download) files for a NEES project. Please read the new PEN Quick Start Guide.

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Version - published on 06 May 2015

Open source: license | download

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286 Renaming files
Asked by Ryan Slein Open 1
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272 Download file tree only
Asked by Thomas Marullo Open 1
217 finding javaw.exe
Asked by Stanislav Pejša Open 0
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194 Can’t log on to PEN
Asked by Chatchai Jiansinlapadamrong Open 1
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144 Where is the test data for a hybrid simulation
Asked by Michael Bletzinger Open 1
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137 CPU and Memory Usage
Asked by Michael Boldischar Open 1
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130 Where can I find a binary distribution of 2.0?
Asked by Michael Boldischar Open 1
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96 Upload problem
Asked by Thomas Marullo Open 1
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89 Unable to download public files by PEN from local laptop
Asked by Mohammad Javad Hamidia Open 1
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69 Unable to connect to project
Asked by Edward Reinert Open 1
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