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PEN 2.4

By Lily Dong, Ian Mathew1, Gregory P Rodgers1

1. Purdue University

Project Explorer for NEES. Use this tool to manage(upload/download) files for a NEES project. Please read the new PEN Quick Start Guide.

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Version - published on 06 May 2015

Open source: license | download

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    Nick Trombetta

    1.0 out of 5 stars

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    Donald Patterson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    While I checkmarked the “Very Good” rating for this application, I want to explain this rating. I think the concept is “Excellent” and the current state of development (capability, bugginess, actual usefulness) is “Good”. So I use the average as the overall rating. I love the concept of the project existing in local and remote copies. I think that having the whole project structure local (without the burden of having the whole of the tens or hundreds, or maybe even thousands of gigabytes of data local, too) will greatly facilitate the appropriate updating and annotation by researchers. Making that task easier is a big win-win situation for all involved. The current release of PEN does a pretty decent job handling these local and remote copies and occassionally synchronizing the copies (or subtrees of the copies). This is the aspect that I consider Excellent in concept. The second thing I very much liked about this tool is the improved capability in uploading data compared with the NEES Central web-based upload process. The old method allowd a maximum of 2-GB to be specified at a time. So to upload 80 GB, one had to be pretty active with specifying a set of files (totsl size to fit within the 2-GB limit), start the process, realize it completed and specify the next batch. With PEN I outline all 80 GB into subfolders under the standard repetition data folders. Then I can say “Upload” and the system will churn for hours uploading that whole set of files. PEN is fresh out of development, just starting its life as a production tool. Many things are missing. This causes me to chip away and deduct points from my rating. Some of this may be related to the old “NEES Central” versus the new “Project Warehouse”. So it may be unfair to blame PEN for some of these missing capabilities. Or, in learning a new tool, quite possibly I have overlooked some capabilities and it actually may do what I claim is missing (that is, I failed to figure out how to do it). In any case, the big omissions that leap out at me are these: – PEN provides for only a fraction of the metadata that was available in NEES Central. Some of those metadata enabled the use of descriptive labels for experiments and trials which I thought to be an improvement over the generic “Experiment-1” and “Trial-2” labels. – PEN does not provide for “Simulation” and the recently added “Hybrid Simulation” structures available in NEES Central. – PEN does not provide a “Delete” function. We look forward to continued improvement and development of PEN and I am sure that we will see many of these issues addressed. 2010-Sep-28 —- Don P

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