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PocketStatics - analysis tool

PocketStatics is a structural analysis program for the PocketPC and Windows (Desktop or Tablet PC) Operating Systems.

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Version 2.17.0 - published on 15 May 2012

This tool is closed source.

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Overview of PocketStatics

PocketStatics is a structural analysis program for the PocketPC (Windows Mobile) and Microsoft Windows (Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC) Operating Systems.

PocketStatics is very interactive and simulates to a great degree working with an engineering pad and a pencil. Toolbars are very intuitive. The structure to be analyzed can be sketched on the screen simply using the stylus (or a mouse). The program automatically computes and displays results in real-time whenever any changes are made to the structure. This real-time update feature sets PocketStatics apart from other typical structural analysis software.

Use PocketStatics can be used to solve most statics problems including:

  • statically determinate or indeterminate and  linearly elastic planar (2D) trusses and frames with any number of elements and degrees of freedom
  • single or continuous beams, columns
  • any 2D structure including building and bridge structures

PocketStatics comes in two editions: one for PocketPC PDA's and one for computers and laptops running Windows or TabletPC. This makes it extremely useful for:

  • structural engineers and designers
  • civil engineers
  • mechanical designers
  • field engineers
  • construction engineers
  • site inspectors
  • students
  • instructors and others

It is ideal for use in meetings, at construction sites, and if your phone is PocketPC enabled, you can use it wherever you can take your phone. As it is available on the NEES hub, you can use it wherever you have access to the Internet.

Analysis Capabilities

PocketStatics provides analysis features that allow efficient analysis of almost any planar frame or truss.

Whether you need to analyze a single beam or column, multiple-span beams, or a complex frame or truss, PocketStatics provides the capability to perform that analysis. 

The user interface is very easy to use and very interactive which makes PocketStatics a very intuitive and powerful software to analyze structures.  

Analysis Capabilities 

  • Analysis of 2D frames and trusses
  • Node loads (forces and moments)
  • Element distributed loads (uniformly distributed or linearly-varying)
  • Element end moment releases
  • Define element properties (modulus of elasticity, area, moment of inertia)
  • Compute node deformations, reactions
  • Compute moments, shears, axial forces along element
  • Display displaced shape, support reactions, internal forces and moments in real-time
  • Translational and rotational degrees of freedom can be fixed for each node separately

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