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  1. Nonlinear Mechanics of Graphene-based materials

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Wei Gao

    This award is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5). The objective of this project is to develop a theoretical framework for monolayer graphene based...

  2. Closed-loop Reservoir Management Using a Reduced-order Model-based Control & Uncertainty Propagation Framework

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Yingying Chen, Karlene Andrea Hoo

    The objective of this work is to optimize reservoir production by managing the amount of water injected into the reservoir. This management is accomplished by employing an optimal model-based...

  3. NEESR-CR: Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Timothy A Gregor

    Student presentation poster for 2011 NSF CMMI Grantee Conference in Atlanta, GA covering the Hybrid Masonry research project and the experimental program at the University of Illinois at...

  4. Collaborative Research: Stick-slip dynamics of micromachined interfaces

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Maarten P de Boer

    Friction-based stepper motors provide a powerful actuation mechanism in micro- and nanomechanics Applications include valves, optical components (mirror and fiber positioning), memory...

  5. Nanomechanical material size effects using an in-situ, on chip test platform

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Maarten P de Boer

    Many micro- and nanoscale materials of interest (e.g., polycrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, carbon-based solids) are brittle. Strength of brittle materials is not single valued, but is...

  6. Collaborative Research: Decision Dependent Stochastic Processes - Inference and Optimization

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Thomas Harold Kirschenmann

    Managers often make decisions affecting a stochastic process with incomplete knowledge of their impact on the process.  We present a new Bayesian estimation technique to form a quantitative...

  7. Mechanics of self-assembled peptides

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Justin Barone

      Many systems, including peptide systems, have been identified that self-assemble into nanometer sized structures.  However, continued self-assembly to the macroscopic scale has...

  8. Modeling and Motion Planning for Autonomous Skid-Steered Vehicles

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Nikhil Gupta

    Dynamic models and power models of autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) can be used to ensure safe and efficient motion planning in undulating, multi-terrain, outdoor environments.  Skid-steered...

  9. Understanding and Controlling Coupled Mechanical and Chemical Degradation Phenomena within Insertion Electrodes

    10 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Yang-Tse Cheng


    07 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Matthew J. M. Krane

  11. Experimental Investigation of Microstructural Effects on Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Nanostructured Metallic Materials

    07 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Samantha Daly, Adam Kammers

    Ultra-fine-grained (UFG) metals possess grain sizes on the order of hundreds of nanometers and display a remarkable capacity for high strength, high ductility, and enhanced superplasticity. This...

  12. Modeling the Design Limit States of Structural Composite Lumber

    07 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Peggi Lynn Clouston, Sanjay Arwade

      A set of tensile tests on coupons of parallel strand lumber and laminated veneer lumber cut from billets in each of the three principal material directions show that structural...

  13. Design and Manufacture of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Composites with Ceramic Reinforcing Phases (CeraSGel)

    07 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Manuel Acosta

    The need for materials that would enable maneuverability during hypersonic flight in atmosphere re-entry conditions has focused materials scientists on the study of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics...

  14. Characterization of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction by Random Vibration Methods: Experimental Design and Preliminary Results

    06 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Jeramy C Ashlock

    Preliminary results are presented for full-scale vibration tests of piles using random vibration methods and a new servo-hydraulic inertial shaker testing system.  Separate tests of vertical...

  15. Stacked Rapid Sand Filters: An Economical Technology for Sustainable Development

    06 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Michael James Adelman

    Provision of safe drinking water represents one of the most significant global environmental and human health challenges. Filtration is an important component of water treatment systems, but it...

  16. Detection and Mitigation of Hazardous Releases in Infrastructure Systems

    06 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Nikolaos D Katopodes

    The objective of this proposal is to develop and apply a novel technology for the automatic detection and real-time mitigation of accidental or deliberate hazardous releases in infrastructure...

  17. NEESR-SG: Performance-Based Design and Real-time Large-scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems

    05 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Anthony Friedman

    CMMI GRANT # 0830173

  18. DynSyst Special Topics: Convex Optimization Based Approach for High Fidelity Uncertainty Propagation Through Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

    05 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Puneet Singla

      Numerous fields of science and engineering present the problem of uncertainty propagation through nonlinear dynamic systems with stochastic excitation and uncertain initial conditions....

  19. Identifying and Modeling Complex Site Response Behavior

    05 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): James Kaklamanos

    Blind prediction experiments have consistently shown that dynamic soil models rarely reproduce observed behavior. We hypothesize that the primary reason for the poor performance of existing site...

  20. Image Guided Tracking of Tumor Motion for Conformal Radiation Therapy

    05 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Puneet Singla, Tarunraj Singh

        Accounting for tumor motion is a long-standing problem in the practice of radiation oncology. The success of radiation treatment (RT) is dependent on a combination of good...