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  1. Apr 08 2014

    SEAONC April Meeting: Older Concrete Building Seismic Risk

    Nonductile concrete buildings pose one of the greatest seismic safety problems in the world. While engineers generally recognize that proactive steps are needed to address the risk posed by these...

  2. Jul 10 2013

    Use of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Design of Earthquake Resistant Shear Wall Coupling Beams webinar

    Presented by: James K. Wight, University of Michigan; Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos, University of Wisconsin; and Cary Kopczynski, Principal Cary Kopczynski & Company"Use of High-Performance...

  3. May 29 2013

    Research to Practice Webinar: Behavior and Design of Concrete-Filled Beam-Columns

    Presented by: Roberto T. Leon, Virginia Tech; Jerome F. Hajjar, Northeastern University; Larry Griffis, Walter P. MooreSupporting documents are available at the following link:...

  4. Oct 17 2012

    NEES / EERI Research to Practice Webinar

    NEES / EERI Research to Practice Webinar:"Precast Concrete Walls for Seismic-Resistant Design: from PRESSS Research to PreWEC""From PRESSS Research to PreWEC" is the eighth in the Research to...

  5. Apr 23 2012

    Research to Practice Webinar - Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Floor Diaphragms

    "Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Floor Diaphragms " is the fifth in a series of Research to Practice Webinars co-produced by the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation...

  6. Nov 04 2011

    E-Defense Four-Story RC PT Buildings Blind Prediction Contest 2011

    PEER and NEES are sponsoring a blind prediction contest for two, full-scale, four-story buildings tested simultaneously on the NIED E-Defense shake table in December 2010. The two buildings are...

  7. Jul 15 2011

    Webinar: Lessons from Chile: Impacts on Earthquake Engineering of Concrete Buildings in the U.S.

    “Lessons from Chile” is the second in a series of Research to Practice Webinars co-produced by NEES and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). The webinar is scheduled for Friday,...