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links to guidelines, howtos, and other documents related to management of data in the NEEShub repository

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  1. NEEShub Databases, Quick access to concrete data

    09 Apr 2013 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): JoAnn Browning, Santiago Pujol, Rudi EIgenmann, Julio Ramirez

    Concrete International | April 2013 Earthquake engineers describe the advantages of using the NEES cyberinfrastructure for conducting research, especially for understanding the behaviors of...

  2. Summary of Curation Requirements for Research Data

    29 Jan 2013 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Stanislav Pejša, Jared Gray West

    The document contains several frequently asked questions regarding the Project Warehouse, data sharing policies, and curation. It also contains list of metadata and documentation required for...

  3. How to publish research project related resources in the NEEShub

    19 Jan 2011 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Stanislav Pejša

    This is a short manual how to publish resources uploaded to the project warehouse and make them available as Publications on the project description page.

  4. Data Management Plan for NEES - Year 1

    06 Sep 2010 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Dawn Weisman, Stanislav Pejša

    This is the Data Management Plan for the NEEs project for the first year.